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Let go Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

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Written and directed by Isabel Dréan
2015, 16 minutes, Not Rated

Claudia Terri as Anna
Jaz Coté Dréan as Mathis
Milan Coté Dréan as Claire

Let Go 01 Let Go 02


Every day is a struggle for single mother Anna since she lost her daughter Claire. Reeling from grief, she tries to make life as normal as possible for her young son, Mathis. But when Mathis starts seeing and interacting with Claire, Anna thinks it may be possible that Claire is back, with dangerous consequences.

Let go isn’t a horror, but it’s nerve-wracking nonetheless. Claudia Terri is captivating as Anna; watching her dissolve into her pain is very uncomfortable, and the moment she starts to believe Mathis is a fair warning of how far she’s gone. Jaz Coté Dréan is completely comfortable in his role despite his youth; it’s easy to believe his Mathis sees his sister standing in the empty doorway.

The only element lacking was innovation in the story. The cinematography is beautiful, the lighting choices are elegant, the acting is on point, but overall I’m not sure why this story is different than other stories of loss. Rabbit Hole, Ordinary People, Joy Luck Club, even Strangerland have all told different versions of parents (albeit married couples) dealing with the loss and/or death of a child with various level of success and failure. While Let go takes a road less traveled as its endgame, the essential emotional is the same for most of the 16 minutes.

Let go is a beautiful tragedy, however I can’t help but wonder how unique this story could have become if the thriller element had played a more significant role.

let go 03 Let Go 04


Movie: 3.5 Star Rating Cover

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