Mindless Movie Review

Written by Daniel Benson

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Written and directed by Katie Bonham
2016, 8 minutes, Not Rated
Premiered at Frightfest Glasgow 26th February 2016

Nicholas Vince as Peter
Eloise Daye as Ally
Fern Bostock as Little girl
Kate Danbury as Judy

mindless poster 01


Want to know what a difficult situation is? That’s when one of your writers (Katie Bonham) makes a short film and asks you to review it. I’m duty bound to give an honest and unbiased opinion, so what if I hate it? Awkward. Thankfully, I didn’t end up in that position.

What do you get when you cross this young filmmaker with a veteran horror actor (Nicholas Vince, Hellraiser)? Well, if everything goes well, you get an impressive short movie like Mindless.

mindless 01 mindless 02

The film tells the story of Peter (Vince), whose home help finds his house in a state of disarray each day when she comes to visit. Peter has senile dementia and claims it was nothing to do with him, instead blaming “her”, an unseen presence in the room. As this becomes a common occurrence, his care worker (Eloise Day) feels the need to investigate.

Mindless is Bonham’s fourth short film and the second that this young filmmaker has premiered to the crowd at Frightfest. Her previous short, The Paper Round, screened at Frightfest Glasgow in 2015 and Mindless went before the horror loving crowd in the same place in February 2016. Some filmmakers try for years to get into the UKs most prominent genre festival, so to see Katie’s work grace their screens twice is testament to the quality of her output.

mindless 03 mindless 04

Nicolas Vince is fabulous as the central character, playing a solid balance of intensity and sensitivity that keeps the audience guessing as to the final outcome. And that’s about as much as can be said without lessening the impact of this story. As far as her output goes, Mindless is the most conventional of Bonham’s films, with an ending that – while packing significant emotional punch – is not entirely unexpected.

Now working on her fifth film, another as yet unnamed short, is it only a matter of time before Katie Bonham makes the leap to a full length feature? I can only hope. This young filmmaker has a bright future ahead.


Movie: 4 Star Rating mindless poster small

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