Nazi Undead Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by MVD Entertainment


Written and directed by 
2018, 80 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on July 28th 2020

Georgia Chara as Ashley
Leigh Scully as Brad
Andy McPhee as German Officer
Joelene Anderson as Officer's Wife


Bickering their way across Germany, American tourists Ashley (Georgia Chara) and Brad (Leigh Scully) take refuge in a deserted old country house when their car breaks down late at night. As if the mystery dead girl splattered all over the back end of the car wasn't bad enough (something neither one seems particularly perturbed by), the pair have to contend with the house's occupant – a Nazi poltergeist none too happy with having his living space disturbed.

nazi undead 01 nazi undead 02

Breathe a sigh of relief; there's not a single Nazi zombie in sight in director Steven Spiel's supernatural horror story. Equally surprising, for a film that opens in almost exactly the same fashion as The Rocky Horror Picture ShowNazi Undead plays out with an entirely straight face, taking its undead Nazi very seriously.

nazi undead 03 nazi undead 04

Occasionally, however, it is too serious for its own good; po-faced even as Ashley and Brad face down silly jump scares and over-the-top melodrama. Its big gore sequence, designed to shock and horrify, falls flat on its face due to a combination of shonky special effects, terrible overacting and an overbearing, distracting score which plays over the following five minutes of mourning. Star Georgia Chara does her best as Ashley, but she's not supported by the writing, which has her making some of the most ludicrous decisions ever seen in a horror film, made again and again.

nazi undead 05 nazi undead 06

Still, Nazi Undead is preferable to the great many shit-on-purpose Nazi zombie horror films currently flooding the market. Andy McPhee gives a great antagonist as the German Officer tormenting Ashley and Brad, wisely kept to the shadows and glimpsed in brief jump scares and home video. When he does take centre stage, he's the best thing about the film, supported by a family of tormented ghosts who manage to put in a few good scares too.

He's no 'berg, but writer and director Steven Spiel has created a solid little spook 'em up with Nazi Undead. Packing in some decent scares and atmosphere, it's a surprisingly original supernatural horror show. Given the title and conceit, I did Nazi that one coming.


Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover

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