Neon Short Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

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Written and directed by Mark J. Blackman
2016, 15 minutes, Not Rated

Joe Absolom as Elias
Kerry Bennett as Mary
Fraser James as Longbaugh
James Kermack as Parker
Bill Hutchens as Abner
Eddie James as Young Elias
Alana Wallace as Young Mary

neon poster


Neon follows Elias and Mary. Elias is forbidden from living a life of love and so decides the only way the woman he loves, Mary, can live a happy life is for him to end his own. However, there are other, higher forces in play.

Neon is the kind of short film that leaves you flummoxed as to how anyone is capable of making something so big and all-consuming in such a small amount of time. It’s a fantastic premise for a movie that benefits from not saying too much about the plot, but it’s a new, heart-breaking take on lost love, let's say that.

neon 01

Director Mark Blackman has made a very slick film that drips style from the slow motion camera styles to the beautifully grim cinematography. Accompanying this to bring it alive is the score that matches so perfectly to what’s happening on screen there are sequences where the music does all the talking. Composer Paul O’Brien has not only set the emotional tone, he’s made some damn good music I’d like on my iPod.

To make a film like this work, a lot relies on the performances and Joe Absolom and Kerry Bennett are perfect for their roles. They are tortured, torn apart lovers that are rarely on screen together yet you can feel their chemistry through their onscreen pain. It’s pretty heavy stuff.

Neon conveys what a big budget movie, five times longer could into a concise, sharp, mind-blowing 15 minutes. It feels like it could be the trailer for the full-length version out soon, well let’s hope anyway. If this is just a taster of Blackman’s talent as a filmmaker, I can wait patiently for him to make a full-length feature. It will be worth it.


Movie: 5 Star Rating neon small

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