Night of the Bloody Apes DVD Review

Written by Steve Pattee


DVD released by Salvation


There, around the corner, is a man. And he's dead. – Random lady.


Written by René Cardona and René Cardona Jr.
Directed by René Cardona
1968, Region 0 (PAL), 84 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)

DVD released on April 16th, 2007

Armando Silvestre as Lt. Arturo Martinez
Norma Lazareno as Lucy Ossorio
José Elías Moreno as Dr. Krallman
Carlos López Moctezuma as Goyo
Agustín Martínez Solares as Julio Krallman



Julio is not doing so well. Actually, he's going to die soon if something radical isn't done.

Fortunately, Julio's father, Dr. Krallman, is ready to try a radical procedure — swap the young man's heart with that of an ape.

But there are some unforeseen side effects to this experimental treatment. Because soon after the transplant, young Julio goes through some changes. He more or less morphs into an ape — by more I mean his head, by less, his body.

As it goes, this new and improved version of Julio is nothing but a big bag of rage, hormones and animal instinct. A very big bag.

And he's escaped to the city to see what sorts of mischief he can get into.



Night of the Bloody Apes has a fantastic opening: A female wrestling match. And we're not talking about that fake crap you see on the WWE. We're talking about the real deal, because one lady ends up in the hospital! You just have to love a movie that opens with two women throwing down in the center ring — even if they are masked.

Fortunately, Apes has that kind of goofy charm throughout — really making it hard, no matter how bad the film gets, not to like it.

Certainly, the English dub has a lot to do with that. Apes' original language is Spanish, but only an English dub is offered on the disc. Normally, that would be an awful thing (and Salvation does lose some points for not offering the original audio track), but, in this case, the dubbing actually adds to the enjoyment of the movie. Everything is said in fantastic monotone — no matter what is going on. And don't confuse "monotone" with wooden, because the actors dubbing the lines aren't stiff. Just emotionless.

While Apes obviously borrows a little from movies such as Frankenstein, it's the ending that is a real hoot, because it all but plagiarizes another famous monster movie — albeit on a much smaller scale. You get the feeling the filmmakers knew exactly what they were doing, and they just didn't care.

And, by the end of the movie, you won't either. Because the movie knows, as well as you, that this is just schlocky fun.


Video and Audio:

While Apes' 1.33:1 (full frame) presentation is robust with color, those colors do tend to bleed often. There's also noticeable edge enhancement throughout, and a whole lot of visible print damage. It's obviously better than a VHS copy, but not by much.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 soundtrack has you reaching for the remote at times, especially during screams. I'm not looking for a DTS track, but the audio could have been cleaned up a little more.


Special Features:

  • Trailers
  • Stills Gallery
  • Promo Art

Not much is offered in the way of special features (five stills and three promotional posters), but it's really tough to criticize Salvation for that. Let's be realistic, how much do you expect them to dig up?

There are also trailers for Requiem for a Vampire and Les Demoniaques.


Movie: 3 stars  
Video: 2 Stars
Audio: 2 Stars
Features: 2 Stars
Overall: 2.5 Stars




Night of the Bloody Apes is one of those goofy types of movies that you absolutely must rent on a lazy Sunday with a couple of cold ones.




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