Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky FIngers DVD Review

Written by Jayson Kennedy

DVD released by Impulse Pictures

Directed by Yoshihiro Kawasaki
Written by Masahiro Yoshimoto
1985, 62 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on February 11th, 2014

Jun Izumi as Yuki Inoue
Chiaki Kitahara as Mayumi Matsuo
Shû Minagawa as Tadao Mihara
Koji Nakamura as Makoto Suzuki



Shenanigans abound in an all-female nursing dormitory as lovers sneak in by night while the uptight head supervisor tries to quell everyone's raging hormones, including her own, at bay. Head games ensue as Yuki (Jun Izumi) and Mayumi (Chiaki Kitahara) pursue the same older doctor while trying to balance previous suitors that go to crazy lengths to be with the pair.

Nikkatsu Corporation's once wildly successful Roman Porno represents a curious niche in pornography. As American screen porn devolved into storyless smut with time, stringent video censorship laws kept a general sense of respectability within the Japanese adult industry. At least as much “respect” porn can garner, resulting in often skillful sleaze with the resources of a major film studio that suggests far more than it can show by law.


Yoshihiro Kawasaki's Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers highlights this constrained aesthetic well. In between the few careful sex scenes, we see a couple of attractive girls wrangle with burgeoning relationships, sometimes while bathing, all with a lighthearted touch. There's hardly any exploitive aspects and what's there is played for laughs. Like the conservative supervisor entrapping and revealing herself to be a dominatrix to Mayumi's tied-up boyfriend who even dresses her lovable guard dog in leather. This absence of harder exploitation might make the film pointless to some, lacking the memorable wild thrills of prior Nikkatsu output of the '70s. Unless one wishes to see an overall ho-hum example of the Japanese approach to late night softcore porn, it's hard to recommend, and being from the mid-'80s places Nurse Girl Dorm outside the studio's Roman Porno heyday.

Still, it's interesting to see how measured the scenes of nudity and sex are handled. Visible genitalia, even pubic hair, was strictly forbade, forcing mindful angles in nude scenes to avoid any ugly digital mosaics being placed over “offending” portions by censors. Also, in the few shower sequences, the ladies are always clutching towels or never completely stripping. As an odd Easter egg, Impulse's DVD menu and subtitles state the title as Nurse Girl Dorm: Assy Fingers, a more accurate translation possibly referring to a strange scene involving relief for vaginal cramps.


Video and Audio:

Being from Impulse Pictures, an imprint of Synapse Films, one can assume quality and this nice anamorphic 1.85:1 widescreen transfer delivers on that expectation. The overall picture is often soft, but this looks to be inherent to the film-based source.

The Japanese split monaural audio is adequate with removable, white English subtitles.


Special Features:

The only “on-disc” supplement is a short theatrical trailer featuring a few scenes oddly not seen in the main feature.

Linear notes from Japanese film scholar Jasper Sharp round out this release with an overview of Nikkatsu's pornographic output and its distinction from average pink films. Although not too much focus is placed on Nurse Girl Dorm itself opting to instead detail its star Jun Izumi.



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