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One Missed Call Trilogy: One Missed Call 2 Blu-ray Review

Written by Robert Gold

Blu-ray released by Arrow Video

One Missed Call Trilogy Large

Directed by Rempei Tsukamoto
Written by Miwako Daira
2005, 106 minutes, Not rated

Mimura as Kyoko Okudera
Asaka Seto as Takako Zozoe
Yû Yoshizawa as Naoto Sakurai
Peter Ho as Yu-Ting Chen
Chisun as Madoka Uchiyama
Renji Ishibashi as Det. Motmiya

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A year after lifting the curse of the cell phone ghost, Yumi has gone missing and the phantom caller is back, this time targeting a kindergarten teacher named Kyoko and her boyfriend Naoto. When Naoto’s boss answers his daughter’s phone at work one night, he inadvertently places himself next in line for a violent death. The curse bypasses the daughter and moves onto names in her contact list, starting with Kyoko. The next day, Naoto meets with a reporter named Takako who tells him of the cellular curse and its origin within the Mizunuma family.

All of last year’s victims were found with a piece of hard candy in their mouth. Police are finding traces of coal dust in the stomachs of this current crop of fatalities. Following a lead from the Mizunuma grandmother, Takako contacts her estranged husband Yu-ting in Taiwan and learns the curse is active there too. She travels to see him, joined by Kyoko and Naoto, and together their investigation leads them to a small abandoned mining town that is rumored to be haunted. Deep within the mines they learn the shocking truth behind the curse, but will they have time to fix things before Kyoko’s time runs out?

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One Missed Call is a haunting film ripe with suspense and a few good scares. The ending is satisfying but keeps the door open for further chapters. A proven success at the box office, a sequel was inevitable and fortunately the filmmakers treat the original with respect and seek new ways to advance the story. One Missed Call 2 follows a new group of young adults targeted by the vengeful ghost we believed previously vanquished. Miwako Daira’s script introduces some new variables into the mystery and plays with the rules of the supernatural wrath. What happens if you answer someone else’s phone? Can you assume the death sentence either voluntarily or accidentally? Is the ghost limited to the confines of a particular city or region?

The new film opens up the mythos by suggesting the curse is older than we were originally led to believe. In fact, this is not the same ghost as last time, but rather its predecessor using the same means of communication. The stakes are raised further with the idea of the spirit targeting multiple people at the same time and a stronger ability to possess the living. Director Rempei Tsukamoto (Kazura) takes his time generating scares, but manages to score some chilling moments – particularly in the sequence set in the abandoned mine tunnels. As far as sequels go, this one is pretty good and leaves viewers ready for the next chapter.

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