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Sleepless Beauty Poster Large

Definitely not a fairy tale.

Paradise Cove Poster Large

But what about the crazy lady under the house?

Trans Poster Large

Imagine if Victor Frankenstein was that much of a dick that he created a Groundhog Day situation because of his God complex.

Bloodthirsty Poster Large

These ain't your grandma's werewolves.

Sweet River Poster Large

Laying the atmosphere on thick and heavy...

Smiling Woman 2 Poster Large

More short horror madness than you can shake a selfie stick at!

The Cove Cover Large

Ever wanted another pandemic on top of your pre-existing pandemic, but with an Eric Roberts cameo?

Event Horizon Large

A aci/fi twist on the classic haunted house story.

Jakobs Wife Poster Large

Barbara Crampton’s best in a vampire flick that dares you to say “hagsploitation”…

The Banishing Poster Large

Strong déjà vu gives way to a strong finish in dreary, dank, dark old England.

Hitcher In The Dark Large

Never hitchhike alone.

The Fear Large

Pinocchio's revenge!

Mara Poster Large

Erasing a loved one’s memory is always a super cool idea with absolutely no drawbacks!

The Reckoning Poster Large

Is Neil Marshall's latest up to snuff for a huge fan like Janine?

Clapboard Jungle Blu Ray Large

A movie documentary that gave Joel some second thoughts on reviewing.

Paintball Massacre Dvd Large

Surprisingly few Steps references, all things considered.

Hunted Poster Large

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Monsters Of Man Poster Large

Would you like to see The Terminator as directed by Neil Blomkamp?

Gift Wrapped Bloody Mary Poster Large

He’s getting really good at this horror thing.

Versus Large

A relentless action/ horror hybrid returns in time for its 20th anniversary.


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