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Ouija Shark 2 Poster Large

Some people will call this one the worst movies they’ve ever seen. Luckily, those people don’t get to write film reviews.

King On Screen Poster Large

Sometimes read is better. A new doc explores adapting the King of horror. 

The Primevals Poster Large

The film that time forgot meets The Land That Time Forgot in the decades-in-the-making stop-motion adventure.

Summoning The Spirit Poster Large

If you liked Midsommar but wished it had more Bigfoot, this is the film for you.

The Attached Poster Large

Do you really know the history of that family heirloom? Are you sure you even want to?

End Times Poster Large

A uncompromising, bleak but oddly hopeful zombie apocalypse story.

Enter The Video Store Large

Five classic Charles Band movies in one box set that is a must-own.

What The Waters Left Behind Scars Large

Slow torture in a flooded town.

The Flood Poster Large

A death roll-icking good time!

Children Of The Corn Poster Large

Was King's tale worth remaking again?

The Breach Poster Large

Hey, check out this massive glowing keyhole in the attic! What do you mean that’s a bad idea?!

The Blackening Poster Large

 Being the first to die in horror movies, no more.

Ill Be Watching Poster Large

Alexa, are you watching me?

Calamity Of Snakes Large

A peculiar snake snuff film from the 1980s.

Outpost Poster Large

This is not what Smokey the Bear meant when he said only you could prevent forest fires.

Subspecies V Bloodrise Poster Large

This feels like an appetizer to a larger main course.

Parasite Lady Poster Large

Miranda isn’t your average vampire. She hungers for more.

Moon Garden Poster Large

Moon Garden: The Little Princess in a Gothic Wonderland.

Hunt Her Kill Her Poster Large

Don't underestimate the quiet ones...

The Curse Of Wolf Mountain Poster Large

A fun if forgettable entry in the slasher canon.


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