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The Funhouse Large

An early '80s classic from a Master of Horror.

Cat People Large

A horror classic gets a bold, erotic remake.

They Wait In The Dark Poster Large

An impressive domestic-abuse-chiller-come-supernatural-thriller that isn't short of twists and turns.

The Lair Poster Large

A return to form for Neil Marshall

Wolf Manor Poster Large

A low budget, British werewolf movie

Once And Future Smash Poster Large

A fake documentary celebrating a fake exploitation movie

New Religion Poster Large

Miyabi Vice.

Sissy Poster Large

Don't mess with the influencer.

Follow Her Poster Large

With apologies to American football star Tom Brady.

Cult Of Vhs Poster Large

A love letter to the "shitty vinyl" of film, VHS.

Super Z Poster Large

A rave from beyond the grave

The Last Client Poster Large

The perils of working late are revealed in this hostage chiller.

The Leech Poster Large

Another home run for Eric Pennycoff

Eating Miss Campbell Poster Large

Not another high school movie.

The Eyes Below Poster Large

A truly nightmarish suspense horror from the creator of The Woman With Leopard Shoes.

Holy Shit Poster Large

A testament to the versatility of the turd.

Croc Poster Large

A nice day for a bite wedding.

Flatliners Large

Cheating death is only the beginning...

Pennywise The Story Of It Poster Large

Stare into the Deadlights again with me and go back to Derry, won’t you?

Prey Poster Large

With a refreshing lack of irony, Prey drops in on an early visit to planet Earth by a roaming Predator.


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