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The Sword And The Sorcerer Large

An epic '80s fantasy adventure receives some 4K love from Scream Factory.

Ebola Syndrome Large

One of Hong Kong's most notorious films finally arrives in its uncut form.

Followers Poster Large

*Old man yells at cloud*

Paranoiac Large

See the great Oliver Reed at his most unhinged in this Hammer classic!

The Toolbox Murders Large

Bit by bit... by bit. He carved a nightmare.

Hellbender Poster Large

You are what you eat. Isn’t that how the old family motto goes in your standard witch family?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Poster Large

Who will be cancelled, and what will be left of them?

Alligator Large

An '80s monster movie from the director of Cujo and writer of The Howling and Piranha!

Ghosts Of The Ozarks Poster Large

With a strong cast, and solid acting, where this horror western fails with substance, it makes up with heart.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 Poster Large

Sometimes you get exactly what you were looking for in a proper sequel.

Jacinto Poster Large

George Romero's Martin meets Fright Night.

Demigod Poster Large

Folk horror that's more The Ritual than The Wicker Man.

The Stand 1994 2020 Large

Two very different visions of Stephen King's epic nightmare.

Breeder Poster Large

There is a breathless raw intensity throughout Jens Dahl’s horror thriller, Breeder, that sustains this interesting take on human mortality.

The Tragedy Of Macbeth Poster Large

A dark Shakespearean tale, by one of the most revered cult directors.

Red Pill Poster Large

Vacation in a town that paints its walls like its political party: Red.

Achoura Poster Large

Achoura follows a group of four friends plagued by the trauma of events some twenty five years previous. They will soon discover that some memories are best left forgotten.

Faking A Murderer Poster Large

The fine line between filmmaker and private investigator is blurred, then disheveled, then clarified, before being tossed to the wind.

Bad Candy Poster Large

Bedtime stories unlikely to inspire sleep.

Krampus The Naughty Cut Large

Not very naughty, but still quite nice.


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