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Razzennest Poster Large

Johannes Grenzfurthner critiques religious and political power in a new experimental horror film.

The Ghosts Of Monday Large

Julian Sands is still awesome!

Disquiet Poster Large

Can’t get out of the hospital…isn’t that nightmarish enough for ya’?!

Brutalia Days Of Labour Poster Large

Sisters are doing it for themselves in two unique short films offered by Film Maudit 2.0.

Dont Look At The Demon Poster Large

A real banger of a film.

Earthworm Poster Large

Fish, ticks, and killer storks. You guessed it! A shorts block about birth at Film Maudit 2.0.

Gnomes Poster Large

Killer gnomes, mutant babies, Lovecraftian horror and more are the offerings for Film Maudit 2.0: The Shorts: Creature Feature.

Agatha Poster Large

Agatha demands a lot from a viewer if one is to break the spell of the imagery.

Firenado Poster Large

I cannot lie. When I heard the title Firenado, my brain immediately said, "This is going to be stupid, excellent."

God Told Me To Large

What if God is an angry God?

Wild Bones Poster Large

Wild Bones immerses the viewer in the ambience of alienation.

Zeria Poster Large

Zeria, an existential sci-fi horror film for the arthouse, grapples with what it means to be human at the end of one version of humanity.

Silent Night Deadly Night Collection Large

No more killer Santas, but plenty of holiday fear.

The Christmas Tapes Poster Large

The Christmas Tapes livens up the Christmas horror landscape by mercifully offering us something other than “man who believes he is Santa escapes asylum.”

Scare Package Ii Rad Chads Revenge Poster Large

Buckle up, kids – we’re going back to the video store!

Gothic Fantastico Large

The Italians sure like to gaslight people!

Nightmare At Noon Large

Poisoned water turns the locals rabid in this '80s thriller.

The Leech Large

The Christmas spirit takes a wickedly dark turn in this psychological chiller.

Girls Nite Out Large

An '80s slasher with a killer in a friendly bear suit with claws!

Blood Relatives Poster Large

Oy vamp! Blood Relatives is a comedy road movie with a not-unpleasant bite.


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