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Phantom Of The Mall Large

A horror icon gets an '80s makeover.

Silent Night Poster Large

Unfortunately, Last Christmas was already taken.

Deathcember Poster Large

The Christmas gift that keeps on giving, long after you wished it stopped.

Red Snow Poster Large

Nope, not Dead Snow, that's the one with the zombies.

Seagull Poster Large

Kitchen sink seaside drama.

Two Witches Poster Large

Slow-burn, retro Euro horror.

Ted Bundy American Boogeyman Poster Large

A terrible reality leaves a sour aftertaste.

Ghostbusters Afterlife Poster Large

You’ve waited 32 years. Are you ready for this?

Black Friday Poster Large

Black Friday sales are scary, and Casey Tebo delivers the perfect mix of holiday lights and unnatural frights in this sci-fi/horror/comedy.

Sleep Schlaf Blu Ray Large

A challenging examination of how history can overwhelm the present.

Elviras Haunted Hills Large

Transylvania or bust!

Prisoners Of The Ghostland Blu Ray Large

The meeting of minds that is Sion Sono and The Cage

Superhost Poster Large

Smash that like bottom, as Superhost shows us subscriber counts are of utmost importance, no matter what the cost…

Midnight Poster Large

Another home run for Korean cinema

When The Screaming Starts Poster Large

This is not What We Do in the Shadows.

No Man Of God Poster Large

Essential viewing for anyone fascinated by Bundy.

Halloween Kills Poster Large

But does it actually kill?

Slapface Poster Large

"We're going to play Slapface." And we're going to really, really enjoy it.

Alone In The Dark Large

What's worse than being attacked by a maniac? Try four maniacs!

Motherly Poster Large

There is more to this movie than meets the eye.


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