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The Rise Of The Beast Poster Large

A totally fine movie.

Christmas Bloody Christmas Poster Large

If Santa were a Terminator T-800 that preferred using a fire axe…

Moonchild Poster Large

Moonchild – the best and maybe only Midwestern microbudget dystopian adventure.

The Kindred Large

A creepy, slimy monster movie from the '80s!

Satans Little Helper Large

A masked psychopath takes a child out for Halloween fun.

Two Witches Large

A creepy, atmospheric chiller.

The Count Yorga Collection Large

Lugosi... Lee... Langella... Quarry!

Terrifier 2 Poster Large

When a sequel adds an hour to the run time, you know you’d better strap in.

Dark Glasses Poster Large

Blood and black gloves! Argento returns to directing after a decade with Dark Glasses.

Dont Fuck In The Woods 2 Poster Large

Really unpleasant people have a lot of graphic sex in the woods and most of them die, but it isn’t any fun.

Fright Night Poster Large

Does this release of R.J.'s second favorite vampire film hold up to his expectations?

Run Sweetheart Run Poster Large

Cherie is about to go on a blind date from Hell. Join her.

Croc Poster Large

The professor is in...why this B movie gets a passing grade.

Terrifier 2 Poster Large

Being a fan of the original is a requirement.

Dr Lamb Large

The doctor will see you now.

When I Consume You Poster Large

A gritty, slow-burn urban folktale about family, damnation, and redemption.

Black Lodge Poster Large

What happens when opera and elements of horror meet, with William S, Burroughs in the middle?

Piggy Poster Large

Revenge horror with a heart.

Massacre At Central High Large

Hell in the hallways.

My Best Friends Exorcism Poster Large

Are you and your BFF strong enough to survive an exorcism?


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