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Luz The Flower Of Evil Poster Large

Folksy folk horror.

Forgiveness Poster Large

A warped and stark-mad revenge thriller that isn't all that forgiving.

Knocking Poster Large

It won't go quiet.

Nocturna Great Old Mans Night Poster Large

Real life, spread out in front of you.

Sound Of Violence Poster Large

Do you hear what I hear?

King Knight Poster Large

Feels like a film by the Trash Fire guy

The Maid Poster Large

Monkeys and curveballs seem to be the order of the day.

Dawn Breaks Behind The Eyes Poster Large

It's just so pretty...

Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes Poster Large

Wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

The Exorcism Of Carmen Farias Poster Large

A solid, if by-the-numbers haunted house flick.

The Unburied Poster Large

A family nightmare

Laguna Ave Poster Large

Very much a movie that Joel watched.

Brain Freeze Poster Large

Finally, a new zombie film worth watching

Pretty Boy Poster Large

Not just a pretty face.

Brilliant Terror Poster Large

Behind the scenes of the grassroots horror movement

Demonic Poster Large

All promise and no delivery

Alex Magana Summer Smorgasbord Poster Large

New stuff and long-awaited stuff. That’s beautiful, man!

The Green Sea Poster Large

Even copious amounts of drugs and booze can’t help some of history’s gore from resurfacing.

House Of Wax Large

Zig loves the Vincent Price 3D version; what does he think of this update?

Queen Of Spades Poster Large

Because murder is something this Queen has in Spades.


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