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Dark Spell Large

Careful what you wish for.

The Evil Next Door Poster Large

Seems you can make new tricks out of old ideas.

Seance Poster Large

R.J. lights some candles and summons some spirits to see what Séance is all about.

The Forever Purge Poster Large

From the first to the last...

Antebellum Blu Ray Cover Large

Ren checks out the haunting Antebellum.

Skinwalker Poster Large

Robert Conway takes us up the sacred mountains with Skinwalker, and reminds us why you should never steal jewelry from a grave.

Kandisha Poster Large

A return to form for Bustillo and Maury?

The Evil Next Door Poster Large

Hey, weird lonely kid! Stop playing with ghosts, and you might get some friends....

Fin Poster Large

You ready for Eli Roth’s most disturbing film yet? The hell you are.

Road Head Poster Large

Who doesn’t love a little road head? It seems the Executioner isn’t a fan…

The Night Poster Large

Living it up at the Hotel Normandie

Werewolves Within Uk Poster Large

Werewolves among us.

Vicious Fun Poster Large

All the fun, not so much of the viciousness.

Hunter Hunter Large

A tense thriller involving a predator and prey deep in the woods

A Quiet Place 2 Poster Large

The return of Mr Reaction Face, if only briefly.

Lapsis Poster Large

A view of the future that we're already living.

Son Poster Large

R.J. looks at Son to decide if it's worth adopting.

Werewolves Within Poster Large

A whodunit with teeth, a comedy horror about lycanthropy? Josh Ruben proves again he is a name to be aware of.

Witch Hunt Poster Large

Which witch will be first blood?

Fried Barry Poster Large

Fried Barry is a weird and warped, drug-fueled alien movie unlike anything you’ve likely seen before, and I think you’re going to like it…


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