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Croc Poster Large

A nice day for a bite wedding.

Flatliners Large

Cheating death is only the beginning...

Pennywise The Story Of It Poster Large

Stare into the Deadlights again with me and go back to Derry, won’t you?

Prey Poster Large

With a refreshing lack of irony, Prey drops in on an early visit to planet Earth by a roaming Predator.

Medusa Poster Large

Behind the mask of religious purity and perfection, repressed desires begin to emerge for Mari.

Resurrection Poster Large

Old ghosts come home to roost in Resurrection.

Creature Large

An alien lurks in search of brains... and Klaus Kinski!

This Is Gwar Poster Large

Want to really meet the Scumdogs of the Universe? Do ya’?

The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue Large

An unrelenting nightmare filled with original ideas not to be missed.

The Initiation Of Sarah Large

Quality Made-for-TV programming from the 1970s.

The Black Phone Poster Large

Nostalgic, tense, terrifying and a tour de force.

The Bird With The Crystal Plumage Poster Large

The Lincoln Center in NYC hosts a retrospective of a genre legend.

Flux Gourmet Poster Large

Strickland is back, with another assault on the senses.

13 Fanboy Large

Someone loves the Friday the 13th franchise a little too much.

Final Caller Poster Large

One call better left disconnected.

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Large

The classic story told with a respect to the source novel.

Men Poster Large

Men are pigs. Let’s dig through the slop, shall we?

Ox Head Village Poster Large

Does the latest from the creator of Ju-On live up to its J-Horror predecessors?

Midnight Poster Large

Stay out of the path of serial killers. It never ends well.

Monstrous Poster Large

You wanna see monstrous? Christina Ricci will show you Monstrous!


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