Perfect Sense Movie Review


Written by James Ferguson

DVD released by IFC Films

Directed by David Mackenzie
Written by Kim Fupz Aakeson
2011, 92 Minutes, Not Rated
Released on February 3rd, 2012

Eva Green as Susan
Ewan McGregor as Michael
Ewen Bremner as James
Connie Nielsen as Jenny



Mankind is going extinct.  Mother Nature is through with us, so she's found a way to get rid of us entirely.  This isn't done with hurricanes and tidal waves.  It's done much more subtly as human beings start to lose their senses one by one.  It starts with the sense of smell, followed by taste, and then hearing.  People don't react well to this sudden loss. Riots break out and insanity is spreading.  Amidst it all, two people find each other and decide to bang a lot and and yell at one another.  Welcome to Perfect Sense.

If you forgot about the extinction level pandemic spreading across the world, Perfect Sense would be a romantic comedy. Michael (Ewan McGregor) is a womanizing chef at a popular restaurant. Susan (Eva Green) is an uptight scientist looking for the right man. Can opposites attract in this hilarious situation? The pair of them don't have much in the way of chemistry, so I honestly did not care about their relationship at all.  I was more interested in what was going on elsewhere in the world and despite the fact that Susan had a front row seat to the whole thing, there were no answers as to why this was happening or if there was any treatment.  

Perfect Sense seems to follow the five stages of grief. When people start to lose their sense of smell, people are in denial that there's anything wrong.  It'll probably clear up in a day or two, even though there are similar cases all over the world.  As the disease spreads, people move to anger and accuse each other of being sick.  Those face masks that were all the rage during SARS are back in full swing.  There's a brief hope that the virus is fading out, but then the sense of taste goes and people really start to lose it.  They try to eat all kinds of things in an effort to just feel that sense again.  They come crashing down when the hearing goes and they're relegated to their homes.


This movie looks like it's trying too hard to be something more.  It's like Outbreak if there was a romantic twist to it, but without the big blockbuster fun.  This is how the world ends, not with a bang but a slow spiral into silence and darkness.

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