Promised Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

DVD released by Wolf Valley Films

Written and directed by Bulent Ozdemir
2012, 10 minutes, Not Rated
Release May 2012

Alan Steneson as Michael
Andrew Dowbiggin as Lucifer
Remie Purtill-Clarke as Faith


This needs to be a full length feature. Mostly because I want to see more but also to give a better premise for this captivating story.

Promised is a thrilling ten-minute ride into an imagined confrontation between the archangel Michael and the fallen Morningstar that leads to a betrayal that cannot be undone. After speaking with my theology consultant (aka Renee, a co-worker who went to seven years of Baptist school), I have a better understanding of why Michael and Lucifer make such perfect foils.

Quick theology lesson: Lucifer is hubris; the ego that threatens balance. His desire for equality with God caused the war in Heaven in which Michael took up arms as his act of complete subservience and obedience to God. When Lucifer and his followers were cast out of Heaven, Hell was created as their lair. After the Creation of humanity, Lucifer found a new calling in attempting to lure God’s creations away from Him to serve in Hell. This fallout occurred well before mankind was born, and Revelations reunites them in battle well into the Apocalypse. (Thank you, Renee!)

What is further confusing, besides the twisted timeline, is the introduction of Faith, Michael’s sister. Do angels have sisters? Or families? Is sex even a part of their lives? It’s these little questions that pulled me out of the intense experience of Promised. The actors are fully committed and passionate in their roles; clearly the stakes of life, death, and eternal salvation worked to get them in the mindset they needed to tackle this heavy material. Their clear understanding of what they’re fighting for shows a focused and skilled director. The camera work is inspired and unexpected.

I still wanted more, though. My favorite part of the Indiana Jones movies was the delving into the mystic and spiritual worlds that Indy didn’t understand, yet still respected. I loved that campy gore-fest Legion, and I even made it twenty pages into the Bible before I fell asleep. As a full-length feature, I think more of my questions could be answered.

Promised tells a dark and fearful story, but it still has so much more to share.

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Movie: Grade Cover

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