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Pyewacket Movie Review

Written by Ryan Noble

DVD released by Signature Entertainment

DVD released by Signature Entertainment
Written and directed by Adam MacDonald
2018, 90 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD & Blu-ray released on April 23rd 2018. On Digital release now.

Nicole Muñoz as Leah
Laurie Holden as Mrs. Reyes
Chloe Rose as Janice
Eric Osborne as Aaron

pyewacket dvd


Pyewacket is a slow-burning paranormal picture that keeps things simple. It doesn’t go all out with jump-scares and twisted creatures but spends its time working its way into your head. Everything the director, Adam MacDonald, chooses to show is as important as everything he chooses not to show, and it heightens the intensity of the final scenes to excruciating levels. Before you even read on, you need to know that this film is worth your attention.

The narrative unfolds slowly, giving you time to get to know and care about the film’s characters. For me, this is one of the most important aspects of any film (or creative medium), especially in horror when there’s a serious chance that these people may not make it to the credits. Luckily, Pyewacket is extremely well cast.

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The main protagonist is Leah, played by Nicole Muñoz, and her mother is played by The Walking Dead’s talented Laurie Holden. They recently lost the father and husband in their lives and are just trying to carry on as best they can, giving the incoming horror much more depth. Even without the misfortune that follows, they’re going through more than enough and you can’t help but sympathise with both of them, even as they each make mistakes trying to come to terms with their altered life.

Their ups and downs feel real and interesting enough that you care about them before anything untoward even occurs. Leah is an angsty teen with equally angsty friends and a love for the occult, but she’s also trying to figure out the confusion of high school, first love, and first loss. On the other hand, her mother is struggling with depression and alcoholism after losing her husband – all of her anger is coming from a place of fear and hurt as she stumbles through this new role as a bereaved, single mother.

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I’ve barely talked about the horror elements to Pyewacket, but that’s because it is all of the human drama above that makes these moments so loaded with tension. You want these characters to survive. You want these characters to face their inner – and soon, outer – demons and come out on the other side alive. As for what those moments are, you’ll have to watch the film and see for yourself. I’d hate to summon up any spoilers.

I knew nothing about Pyewacket before the film was sent my way for a review, and that is criminal. This film is a suspenseful, well-acted, paranormal horror and if you’re into films that mess around with the occult and its consequences then this is definitely one for you. There’s another film that I’d love to compare it to within the horror genre as it would give you an exact idea of the slow dread and imposing conclusion that this film delivers, but that would actually give away more than I’d like. If you watch Pyewacket – which you should – and can guess which film I mean, let me know.

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If you fancy reading another take on Pyewacket, Ryan Holloway recently saw the film at a screening event and shared his thoughts. Check out his Pyewacket review here.


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