Recycled Parts Movie Review

Written by James Ferguson

DVD released by Midnight Releasing

Directed by Larry Sands, Erick Vega & Bradley Young
Written by Josh Sands
2007, Region 1 NTSC, 72 Minutes, Not Rated
DVD Released on July 6th, 2010

Girstin Bergquist as Miranda
David Dartt as El Doctor
Joe Duffy as Einstein
Brandon Brendel as Rick
Lisa Gail as Heather
Michael Dais as Alex
Larry Sands as William


Being in college is so awesome!  You can drive around with your buds and make out with your lady without having a care in the world.  Your parents aren't around to tell you what to do!  Grab a Milwaukee's Best and chug that shit cause you're in college and you rule!  So what if you hit a pregnant woman while motoring around in your SUV that your mom probably bought you?  It don't matter.  Look, there's a guy who says he's a doctor.  He's going to take care of this crazy bitch that was walking around in the road for no reason.  Yeah, I guess we can go with him into his dungeon-like house with little-to-no lights and a creepy Christmas tree even though it's July.  Nothing could possibly go wrong here.

Hey!  It's the ridiculous plot of Recycled Parts!  Seriously, I didn't make any of that up.  That's the whole premise of the movie.  Dumb college kids hit a pregnant woman with their car and instead of calling 911 and getting professional medical help, they rely on some dude with a lab coat that comes out of nowhere without questioning a thing.  I understand that they didn't want to get in trouble, but come on.  Then for some reason the "doctor" starts hacking people up for their body parts because he was a stupid kid and saw his mother die on Christmas while screaming for his father to save her because he was a doctor.  If I had to hazard a guess, the kid's father was a doctor like a dentist or a scientist and the kid was just a friggin' idiot.

The acting here is horrible at best.  The five college kids are wooden and uninteresting while the doctor could have shined through, but just sat around chewing scenery trying to be the maniacal villain.  Then there's his assistant Einstein, who is a mentally handicapped version of Igor, that just kind of runs around the background adding nothing to the film.

When you get down to it, Recycled Parts is just an hour and fifteen minutes of torture porn with an occasional tit-shot tossed in.  If you're a sadist, you're going to love this movie.  Otherwise you'll probably be bored by the bland, stereotypical characters and ludicrous plot.

Video and Audio:

Most of the scenes take place in the dark with very poor lighting.  The filmmakers don't have great equipment to begin with so the majority of the movie is tough to see.

The audio is all over the place too.  I don't know what was going on with their mics, but the sound is all messed up.  I had to continually increase the volume when people were talking as it was barely audible, then I had to quickly turn it down when some sort of action happened because suddenly it was incredibly loud.

Special Features:

Features were not rated as this was a screener.


Movie: 1 Star Rating Cover

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