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Road Hell DVD Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

DVD released by Independent Entertainment

Road Hell Poster

Directed by Draven Gonzalez, Pete Jacelone, and Alex Pucci
Written by  B.J. Akaezuwa, Pete Jacelone, and Trevor Wright
2013, Region 1 (NTSC), 76 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on July 16th, 2013

Jaclyn Marfuggi as Bea
Jim Hazelton as Douglas
John Link as Dickey

Road Hell 01 Road Hell 02


There are very few times that I am happy to be proven wrong and watching Road Hell is one of those times. Based on my previous experience with the low budget films I have been assigned, I assumed that I would not like this movie. That feeling lasted all about ten minutes before I started laughing my ass off.

Road Hell understands the lost art of horror/comedy; the dialogue is sharp, raunchy, and pretty original for its genre.
The movie centers around a Bea and Douglas, a dysfunctional couple on a road trip. It’s these characters that make the film with their amusing banter and natural comedic timing. The couple eventually makes it to a hotel run by a crude little innkeeper named Dickey. As they settle down for the evening, they wind up witnessing a macabre little trio of horrifying visions. The visions are told in little vignettes, if I hadn’t read the DVD description then I might have been confused. There is no real segue way between the hotel and the short stories.

Segment one is obviously titled “The One”. It is about a guy who battles vampires, and is partially interesting. I was rather turned off by the graphic and loud sex scenes, and spent most of that segment worrying that my roommates would think I was watching a dirty movie.

Segment two is titled “Deep in the Rabbit Hole” and is my favorite of the trio. It centers on a couple of kids who battle a ferocious monster that lives underground. "Deep in the Rabbit Hole" is a well-crafted story and seems like something that you would have seen on Tales from the Darkside or Creepshow.

Segment three is titled “Zombies Zombies Everywhere”, which is the weakest story in the film.  And this is coming from someone who lists zombie films as her second favorite horror genre; slashers always come first. A camera crew follows a self proclaimed zombie hunter who hopes to bag his first walker. The segment is just really dull and I am not a fan of found footage films.

Road Hell is a good film and one I would definitely recommend. It’s amusing, has a decent amount of gore and is one of the best low-budget films that I have had the pleasure to watch.

Road Hell 03 Road Hell 04

Video and Audio:

I especially like how professionally done the audio and video is. The video is clear and easy to see even in nighttime scenes. And I was pleased that I didn’t have to jack up the volume like I have had to do with other movies. I could hear all the dialogue perfectly and the background music is a perfect pitch.

Road Hell 05 Road Hell 06

Special Features:

Special features are pretty weak, consisting of the film’s trailer and a dull commentary.

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Overall: Grade

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