Run Like Hell Movie Review

Written by Richelle Charkot

Released by Millennium Entertainment


Directed by James Thomas 
Written by James Thomas, Joseph Schnaut and Canyon Prince
2014, 77 minutes, Not rated
DVD released on September 23rd, 2014

Dave Finn as Dan
Canyon Prince as Luke
Robyn Buck as Maggie
Tamara Carey as Samantha



Although skill is a capability that can be honed; I would argue that talent is not. Talent is a seed that has to be preened and cared for so that it may flourish; and in the internet age where people from all around the world are competing to work in the arts, there is a raging river of terrible movies that quite simply should never have been made in the first place. Fortunately, Run Like Hell is not one of those films. Although it is apparent that it is low budget and created by younger filmmakers, it is a very promising example of what the future holds for those at the Two Guys and a Film production company.

Dan and Samantha and Luke and Maggie are two couples that decide to take the scenic route on the way to their vacation by driving instead of flying. Although their spirits are tired at best, they remain playful and companionate even through their annoyances with each other. When Dan implores the other three to stop at a roadside attraction called Elvis Rock, which is a large rock that is sort of shaped like The King, their car is stolen and they must walk to the nearest house in order to use a telephone. They reach a farm that appears vacant but is inhabited by an older couple, whose peculiarities unsettle the group, but they decide to stay anyway. Within almost no time at all, the four are forced to endure sights and experiences both horrifying and heartbreaking.


As a person who is also trying to establish oneself in a creative profession, I would like to think that I understand the plight of the artist. Often riddled with concern but an unquenchable desire to continue forward, it can be an emotional roller-coaster at best. When I meet young writers who tell me things like, "I don't want to learn grammar, but I want to be a writer", I sort of feel like ripping my hair out; and when I see haphazard 'junior' films that show no respect or desire to make a good film or even a good-bad film, I can't help but think, "You're not going to make it," as heartless as that may sound. This is why I was so happy and relieved when I watched Run Like Hell; because of the substantial amount of potential that it shows. Any moments of weakness are made forgiveable by the strength of the rest and the overall palpable drive that is present by those involved.

There is the occasional line of stilted dialogue in the writing or from the delivery of the actors, such as in a scene when the relatively two-dimensional villain proclaims, "I am the devil." This is arguably not a terrible offender of the film's quality due to the fact that some of Hollywood's biggest films have flat and uninteresting antagonists. I can't remember three defining personality characteristics of the villains in the last five superhero flicks, so a standard 'evil psychopath' in a low-budget horror movie is not as jarring as it could be. Another arguably weak factor of the film is the fairly obvious practical effects, but it is merely indicative of a low budget and I would argue that if these filmmakers achieved higher amounts of funds to play with, they would be able to flesh out any weak spots and hone their craft to make increasingly more proficient films.

Run Like Hell in and of itself is not a fantastic film. Yet, due to the impressive and genuinely shocking turns in plot and more than capable acting; I look forward to whatever comes next from these filmmakers.



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