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Schoolgirl Report Volume 10 & Schoolgirl Report Volume 11 DVD Review

Written by Jayson Kennedy

DVD released by Impulse Pictures

 Schoolgirl Report Volume 10 Poster Schoolgirl Report Volume 11 Poster

Schoolgirl Report Volume #10: Every Girl Starts Sometime / Sexy Schoolwork
Directed by Walter Boos
1976, 81 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on June 19th, 2013

Schoolgirl Report Volume #11: Trying Beats Studying / Blue Dreams
Directed by Ernst Hofbauer
1977, 80 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on November 12th, 2013

Alexandra Bogojevic as Seffi / Gabi
Marianne Dupont as Inga / Hedchen
Claus Tinney as Franz / Werner
Astrid Boner as Professor / Dr. Hammacher

Schoolgirl Report 10 11 01 Schoolgirl Report 10 11 02


The Schoolgirl Report series hailing from Germany represents a curious trend in '70s sexploitation. In 1967, a documentary entitled Helga: Vom Werden des menschlichen Lebens hit German theaters and soon swept internationally in a frenzy. Supported by the country's Federal Centre for Health Education, the film follows a young girl's coming of age and subsequent pregnancy all in very clinical detail. Despite posing as educational, Helga's content was quite taboo and soon inspired knock-offs like this series that began in 1970 with What Parents Don't Think Is Possible.

Both are told in a loose five segment anthology format. The anchor framing of Report #10 is an all-female class discussing the legislation of morality. Report #11 revolves around a radio broadcast of an “expert” roundtable working through how to protect teens from society's ills. The stories try to redeem themselves by making simpleminded points, but only a fool would buy into such insight.

Schoolgirl Report 10 11 03 Schoolgirl Report 10 11 04

The stories are just a formality for nudie bits as they play like mediocre soap in a more risque tone. Like a promiscuous girl discovering that true love only comes from caring relationships after being gang-raped. Or a girl trying to frame her professor by having sex with a fellow student and then accusing rape, only to ultimately be caught in her lie. These dryly told set-ups are tired, and while may have shook some sensibilities at that time, that effect has long passed.

Although one story, the fourth in Report #10, is so much silly fun that it feels out-of-place from the surrounding boredom. Inspired by Blatty's The Exorcist, a young couple tricks a girl's aunt and uncle into believing she's possessed by making goofy faces and shouting vulgarities. Her boyfriend, dressed as a hooded monk, convinces her relatives he can “exorcise” her demons but must be alone with her. There's a real streak of Benny Hill-like humor throughout this segment that shakes the film from its slumber.

Unfortunately, the history behind these Schoolgirl Reports is more interesting than actually watching them. Nostalgia might help, but even sexploitation aficionados might find these too dated and simplistic. It's still nice Impulse Picture brought the series to the American market, as the previous German and Japanese DVDs weren't English-friendly.

Schoolgirl Report 10 11 05 Schoolgirl Report 10 11 06

Video and Audio:

The anamorphically-enhanced 1.66:1 widescreen prints used for these transfers, complete with cue marks, are quite beat up. Damage is minimal, but becomes heavy around reel changes while slight rainbowing chroma noise is present throughout both presentations.

The German Dolby 2.0 audio tracks are adequate and clear enough for the material. Removable white English subtitles are provided.

Schoolgirl Report 10 11 07 Schoolgirl Report 10 11 08

Special Features:

No supplements are included on either disc unless one counts the twelve chapter stops on each.  

Schoolgirl Report 10 11 09 Schoolgirl Report 10 11 10


Movie: Schoolgirl Report Volume #10

Schoolgirl Report Volume #11


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Overall: Grade

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