Sky Sharks Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by Fuse Box Films


Directed by Marc Fehse
Written by Marc Fehse, Carsten Fehse and A.D. Morel
2020, 102 minutes, Not Yet Rated
FrightFest English premiere on 27th August 2020 

Thomas Morris as Klaus Richter
Naomi Grossman as Natalie Rochefort
Amanda Bearse as Marjorie Phelps
Tony Todd as Major General Frost


If modern B-movie sci-fi has a bread and butter, then its ingredients surely consist of Nazi zombies, wacky Third Reich experiments and giant mutant sharks in places they shouldn't be. From Dead Snow to Iron Sky and (ugh) Sharknado, each has its defining features and minor classics, but never have the three met – until now. Undead Nazis take to the skies on flying sharks, terrorising passenger jets, chomping through passenger and jet alike.

sky sharks 01 sky sharks 02

Sharknado has a lot to answer for. In the years that have followed the Syfy behemoth brushing shoulders with the mainstream, audiences have had to put up with sharks of every size and shape, and in every imaginable place; sand sharks, ghost sharks, Venice sharks, giant sharks, toxic sharks, lava sharks, octo-sharks – you name it, they put a shark there. This time they're flying around in the sky, mounted by undead Nazis. What, no frickin' laser beams?

sky sharks 03 sky sharks 04

This is not your average shit-on-purpose Syfy movie slop though. Director Marc Fehse's high-concept, silly-title, low-budget feature might have all the hallmarks of your average Sharknado rip-off, but this one is... good, actually? Crucially, Fehse treats his sharks and Nazis with a degree of seriousness. For a film of this budget, the production values are high; the action competent and thrilling. Even the CGI is more polished than one might expect, and Fehse's sharks are a visual treat. Crucially, the film works hard even when the sharks aren't on screen, and its well-coreographed fight sequences and gore gags all work like gangbusters too. One of its best sequences – Vietcong zombies! - doesn't even have any sharks in it at all.

sky sharks 05 sky sharks 06

Its tongue may be planted firmly in its cheek, but by taking itself more seriously than most, Sky Sharks works better than the rest of them. Still, detractors are unlikely to be won over by the basic story, wooden performances and underwritten human element (Tony Todd notwithstanding because... well, Tony Todd). At its heart, this is a title-and-concept-first B-movie about flying sharks and Nazi zombies, and no amount of polish will change that.

But of its kind, Sky Sharks is the best since Iron Sky; a sincere, well-made work of sci-fi schlock with cool action and great visuals. In the end, it totally delivers on its promise of Nazi zombies riding flying sharks into battle - and what more can you ask for than that?


Movie: 3.5 Star Rating Cover

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