Slaughtered (aka Schooner of Blood) Movie Review

Written by Robert Gold
Written and Directed by Kate Glover
2009, Region 0 (PAL), 87 minutes, Not Rated

Chloe Boreham as Jamie
Christopher Tomkinson as Ryan
Cassandra Swaby as Sarah
Steven O’Donnell as Jack
Erica Baron as Kirsty


Routine drinking games switch to a game of cat and mouse as a masked killer strikes the occupants of a local pub. The staff attempt to keep things calm until the police arrive, but will anyone survive long enough to escape?

Who is attacking the local tavern? Why does the manager insist on locking the doors and keeping everyone inside until the police arrive? How come all the locals are creepy old men filled with alcohol and urban legends? Who cares? There’s a new slasher movie in town and it has a lot of fun simply being a slasher. Without being too self-aware or full of jokes, Slaughtered (a.k.a. Schooner of Blood) manages to rekindle the spirit of the dwindling masked-maniac subgenre. The killer is cookie-cutter and the victims are two-dimensional meat for chopping, but the enthusiasm of the production makes me more than happy to keep watching.

The acting is reasonably solid across the board, with Chloe Boreham’s take on the final girl receiving a few additional hurdles along the way, including a slippery bathroom floor allowing her to knock herself unconscious after witnessing a murder. Another notable standout is Cassandra Swaby, who plays Sarah, the cute little tease who has a jealous red herring boyfriend and a line of guys looking to replace him. The rest of the cast make the most of what they are given and are passable.

Slaughtered marks the directorial debut of Kate Glover, inspired by a wicked saw that hung from a wall at the bar where she worked and ultimately shot this film. The plot is threadbare and the resolution is lacking, but the low-budget urgency to capitalize on a nifty location is milked for all it is worth. Seemingly every inch of the bar is given a set piece and the script has fun with the assorted elements that can be used for murder, ranging from traditional weaponry to keg taps. While this is a fun ride on the whole, the ending has a sour after-taste that will leave audiences disappointed and scratching their heads.

Originally titled Schooner of Blood, this latest entry in the long line of Australian horror films arrives under the generic title Slaughtered for audiences that may confuse a schooner for a boat instead of the intended drinking glass. Kate Glover has made a solid film that hopefully will lead to more titles and a fresh new voice of horror cinema.

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Movie: 2.5 Stars
Video: n/a
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Overall: 2.5 Stars


This is a fine addition to the genre, but it runs the risk of being swallowed in the glut of lesser productions. The original title Schooner of Blood alienates viewers outside Australia into believing it is a nautical horror film, and the alternate title Slaughtered is too generic to capture anyone’s attention. With luck, the film will find the title and audience that best fit.


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Robert Gold
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