Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day DVD Review

Reviewed by Neon Maniac

DVD released by Tangent Productions

Written and directed by Faye Hoerauf & Jessica Baxter
2005, 13 minutes, Not rated

Justin Alley
Ben Dunn
Zach Adair
Tim Tate
Robert Boitor


It's Snowmaggedon!

When a freak snow storm paralyzes the city of Seattle, the dead rise from their graves to prey upon the helpless citizenry. While the city panics, an unlikely group of horror movie fan boys, led by a quick thinking mechanic, rise up to thwart the undead rampage. Along the way they uncover sinister conspiracies, confront mortal terror, and maybe even learn a lesson or two.


Zombies, Ninja Production Assistants, Fan Boys and a script load of satire. Hoerauf and Baxter have written a hilarious movie that is an homage to the genre, yet also pokes a finger of fun at everything from fan boy culture to local news "Storm Watch" coverage. An enjoyable film throughout, Snow Day is consistently smart and funny.

Snow Day is a remarkably well made short film. The zombies look realistic, as does the fake snow. The action/fight sequences, which comprise a fair amount of the run time, are choreographed well; although they occasionally come off as amateurish. This is easily forgivable though, as they still fit the overall tone of the movie.

With high production values, a smart script, and a great soundtrack, Snow Day is a small but tasty package that is sure to please any horror fan. Unfortunately, the film does not appear to be for sale yet on Tangent Productions web site, but it will be shown nationwide at various Horror and Comic conventions, and hopefully a film festival or two. If you get a chance to see it, do yourself a favor and go. In the mean time, there is a trailer
available online to whet the appetite.

Video and Audio:

Using a rich mono track, the audio on this disc will not disappoint. Sound effects and dialogue are clear, but the prize on this disc is the original music. It ranges from Elfman-esque at times to speed metal light at others; and always sets the scenes well.

Although non-anamorphic and low budget, the picture is very nice. What struck me most while watching it was the professional and competent cinematography of the film.

Special Features:

No extras on this disc, but none were expected. It's a short film after all.


Movie: 5 Stars
Video: n/a
Audio: n/a
Features: n/a
Overall: 5 Stars

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