Some Guy Who Kills People Movie Review

Written by Simon Bland

DVD released by Grimm Entertainment



Directed by Jack Perez
Written by Ryan A. Levin
2012, 93 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 15th October 2012

Kevin Corrigan as Ken Boyd
Barry Bostwick as Sheriff Walt Fuller
Karen Black as Ruth Boyd
Lucy Davis as Stephanie
Ariel Wade as Amy Wheeler
Leo Fitzpatrick as Irv




Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus director Jack Perez trades fictional monsters for real ones in this small town slasher comedy with a cast to die for. Kevin Corrigan heads things up as Ken, our messed up main man. Thanks to a violent incident in his past, Ken’s spent the better part of his life locked away in a mental hospital, pondering suicide and plotting revenge. When he finally returns to the real world things don’t get much better. A demeaning ice cream parlor day job has him dressed up as a giant cone and handing out flyers on the sidewalk, soaking up insults like a human shaped abuse sponge. If that wasn’t enough, a surprise visit from an estranged daughter and being forced to live with his bossy mum do little to raise his spirits. To escape, Ken finds solace in comic book doodles, furiously scribbling out his own form of grizzly justice and hoping things don’t boil over into reality. But when his enemies start getting hacked to pieces by a mysterious murderer, all eyes fall on this seemingly unstable outcast as the blade-wielding culprit.





Under the watchful eye of producer John Landis, director Perez crafts a fun beer and pizza horror flick that dabbles in a few different genres. When the slashing starts, he sure hits all the right blood-soaked beats, but when family and relationship troubles attack Ken the director transports us to rom-com territory with ease. It’s a funny notion, reminding us that even potential psychos have a personal life to deal with. On the surface it’s all quite funny, but concentrate too hard and things start to fall apart. Luckily for us, Perez has gathered a gifted group of actors who come to his aid just as the movie’s plot starts to wibble towards its questionable climax. Screen vets Karen Black and Barry Bostwick deserve most of the credit here. The former as Ken’s chain-smoking, snarky mum and the latter as the local sheriff forced to deal with the mounting dead. While there’s plenty of chuckles on offer, most of them come from these two screen pros. That said, Brit actress Lucy Davis manages to steal her share of scenes as Ken’s quirky admirer and newcomer Ariel Gade shines as our hero’s tenacious surprise daughter. Not one to have you hiding behind the sofa, Some Guy Who Kills People opts for laughs and heart over gratuitous gore and genuine terror. If you’re looking for Some Film For A Friday Night, look no further.



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