Some Kind of Hate Movie Review

Written by Daniel Benson

Released by Devilworks

Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer
Written by Brian DeLeeuw and Adam Egypt Mortimer
2015, 82 minutes, Not Yet Rated
Frightfest UK Premiere on Saturday 29th August 2015

Grace Phipps as Kaitlin
Lexi Atkins as Christine
Spencer Breslin as Isaac
Ronen Rubinstein as Lincoln Taggert
Sierra McCormick as Moira
Brando Eaton as Derek

some kind of hate poster


“Be careful what you wish for...” is advice that long-suffering bullying victim Lincoln Taggert (Ronen Rubinstein) could have benefitted from. Adam Egypt Mortimer’s mumblegore story of teenage torment packs a powerful emotional punch while bringing about some glorious justice to those who prey on the weak.

Sprinting straight out of the gate, Some Kind of Hate sees sensitive loner Lincoln subject to abuse by a bunch of typical high-school jocks. When finally pushed too far he retaliates, burying a plastic fork in the face of his tormentor. As is so often the case, it’s the victim and not the aggressor who is punished, and Lincoln is packed off to the Mind’s Eye Academy for ‘difficult’ teens.

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If regular High School was bad, there’s no respite at the camp, as Lincoln’s reputation precedes him and the alpha males of the Mind’s Eye Academy are intent on pushing his buttons until he snaps once more. His only solace is in the friendship of the gorgeous Kaitlin (Grace Phipps), who sees through his bitter, angst-ridden exterior to the soul underneath. Despite his fortunes looking up, the bullies will not leave him alone and after one severe beating, Lincoln runs to a remote outbuilding where his bitterness and hatred summon the entity of Moira, a girl who once stayed at the camp and died at the hands of bullies herself.

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Every once in a while a film comes along like this that really resonates with current affairs. With school shootings up and down America being carried out by kids not unlike Lincoln Taggert, you have to wonder how far they’ve been pushed before their limit is reached. In the same way that automatic weapons have tragically taken out schools, Lincoln’s own weapon is Moira, who strikes back at anyone who messes with him. She uses a razor blade to cut herself, with any injury she makes being mirrored to the abuser.

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Even having suffered at the hands of those who are being taken out, Lincoln doesn’t want to stand by and let it happen. They might have bullied him, but he doesn’t believe their fate should be death. This strength and empathy in his character makes him all the more endearing. With Moira on a rampage and a mission to kill everyone on the camp, Lincoln has to think fast for a way to stop her.

Adam Egypt Mortimer has created a film that feels fresh in a genre that’s full of rehashes, reboots and remakes. It moves effortlessly between tender moments with Lincoln and Kaitlin, through teeth-grittingly tense scenes with the bullies, to wince-inducing deaths caused by Moira’s own self-harm. It’s a film for the ages; Some Kind of Great.


Movie: 4 Star Rating some kind of hate small

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