Static Movie Review

Written by Samantha Andujar


Written and directed by Jamin Mears
2023, 5 minutes, Not yet rated
Panic Fest 2024 screening on 4th April 2024


Don Huffman as Father
Daisy Mears as Daughter (Older)
Sunshine Mears as Daughter (Younger)
Ken Hilliard as Mercenary #1
Bruce Airey as Mercenary #2
Tony Correlli as Mercenary #3


Some of the most effective ways of telling a story are with music. In this five-minute short film, director Jamin Mears and producer Don Huffman use the power of music and creative storytelling to create an intense apocalyptic thriller about characters Qira and Dr. Calvin Pilgrim and their quest to travel back in time and reconnect as seedy corporation EPOCH tries to hunt them down. A music video/short film from electronic rock band Farewell Fortune's 2023 album, Chaos Serum, Static takes its audience through the rough impassioned turbulence of a daughter embarking on a mission to save and finish her father's life work.

static 01 static 02

In the first installment of its trilogy, Static immerses its audience in a vivid and unsettling science-fiction universe. Within its rich and inventive environment, the story follows a father and his daughter, exploring a deep bond amidst the chaos of their surroundings. For such a compact experience, Static is both dynamic and emotionally resonant, taking the viewer on a breathless adventure that never lets up until the end. Beautifully captured
with a captivating musical score and equally compelling narrative tightly woven throughout, Static leaves viewers guessing and yearning for more.

static 03 static 04

Few individuals can create an experience that is musically resonant and full of imaginative flair; Static does more in a few minutes than films ten-times the size. For people who enjoy efforts that merge and push the boundaries of musical storytelling, Static is worth a few minutes of their attention.


Movie: 4 Star Rating Cover

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