Stitched DVD Review

Written by James Ferguson

Written and Directed by Garth Ennis
2011, 17 Minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on July 1st, 2011

Tank Jones as Pruitt
Lauren Alonzo as Cooper
Kate Krugler as Twiggy
Andrew DeCarlo as Barclay
Kevin Tye as Dave
Carlo LaTempa as Baz


The name of Garth Ennis is one that is legendary in the world of comics. It's not all that legendary in film, but that's probably because Ennis hasn't really ventured to that space yet. When asked what he wanted to do next, he said he wanted to direct a film, so that's what Avatar Press let him do. The result is Stitched.

Out in the mountains of Afghanistan, three soldiers are seeking refuge after their helicopter went down. One of them has a bum leg and another is a desk clerk and clearly not ready for the field. As they make their way through the deserted area, they're attacked by shrouded beings that just won't stop coming at them.

For what was basically a low budget affair, Stitched has some pretty good production values. It obviously wasn't shot on location, but they did shoot everything out in the desert. The acting was well done for the most part. The only person that really got on my nerves was Kate Kugler, who played the aforementioned desk clerk. She didn't seem as convincing as the other two soldiers.

The makeup effects for the Stitched are great too. There are a few shots of the shrouds being ripped off of their faces and they look like a cross between a mummy and a zombie. The gore is handled well without looking too cheesy.

Stitched is really just a pre-cursor to the upcoming ongoing comic book series of the same name. Instead of creating an issue #0 like many publishers do, Avatar put together this short film to give you an idea of what you can expect from the comic. It's certainly an impressive presentation. Unfortunately that means that Stitched ends just as it really starts to get going. We're given many questions without any answers whatsoever. I have faith in Garth Ennis, though, because that guy knows how to tell a story.

Video and Audio:

As I mentioned above, Stitched had some good production values for its budget. Everything is very clear with no picture distortion. Although they had some trouble with flying planes or jeep tours passing through their set, none of this is heard throughout the picture.

Special Features:

There's a nice behind-the-scenes featurette that gives a lot of information about the shoot that goes from its inception to the final shot. It's pretty intensive and provides a lot of background info. There is also an hour long interview with Garth Ennis that goes into most of his work in comics and how he got started. It's a must see for any Ennis fan. Wrapping up the special features are a photo gallery, the original script for Stitched, and a cover art gallery from the upcoming comic book.

You can purchase the Stitched DVD directly from Avatar Press.



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