Stripped DVD Review

Written by TGM

DVD released by Inception Media Group

Directed by Mark LaFleur and J.M.R. Luna
Written by Andrew Caldwall
2012, Region 1 (NTSC), 80 minutes, Rated R
DVD released on May 14th, 2013


Nicole Sienna as Capri Johnson
Josh Cole as Luke Cohen
Carson Aune as Cameron Townes
Alvaro Orlando as Tommy Kay
Joseph Buttler as The Doctor


There’s no way to sugar coat it, Stripped is simply just less than the sum of its parts.  While the acting is decent and the direction competent, the primary issue weighing down the production like a fart at the orgy is the tired story itself.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before…  a group of rowdy twenty-somethings go to Vegas for a weekend of debauchery and end up on the wrong side of an organ harvesting scheme perpetrated by a mad surgeon and his stable of hooker accomplices.  The basic concept, or something similar, seems as if it’s been done a million times before.  Probably because it has. 

Complicating matters is that every character in Stripped is downright loathsome. You’ll eagerly await the demise of the womanizing shmuck, the annoying, fat comic relief, the cheating bitch, the schmaltzy guido, and the brooding hipster douchebag, applauding when each receive their respective comeuppances.  When you’re ultimately left rooting for the faceless, mute, maniacal antagonist, you know your film is in trouble and in desperate need of a massive rewrite.

Speaking of the antagonist, a gaunt man in a surgical mask and cap, tipping the scales at a soaking wet buck-thirty-five, making googily eyes and walking at the speed of a coma patient in quicksand hardly seems like a valid threat.  Yet, despite his aforementioned shortcomings, he still manages to adeptly dispatch the majority of the Scooby gang with relative ease.   In the pantheon of modern horror film icons you have Jason, Freddy, Chucky, Michael Myers, and now… Mr. Furley?

There is also a disappointing lack of blood and gore in Stripped.  If you’re going to tell the story of an underground organ-harvesting ring, then go all out. There is more gore in five minutes of NBC’s primetime show Hannibal than there is in the entire length of Stripped.  And that's N-B-fucking-C! Speaking of which, at an economical eighty minutes, it takes an unacceptable amount of time to get to the crux of the action.  If I want to see the exploits of five assholes while on vacation, I’ll check my Facebook feed.  There is, thankfully, a fair amount of gratuitous nudity (albeit from the waist up), which I always applaud, and thankfully they cast actresses who you would actually want to see naked.

Despite having two great taglines on the DVD cover (“Your donation is accepted.” and “In Vegas some girls take more than money.”,  Stripped brings absolutely nothing new to the table and doesn’t contain enough torture porn violence or full frontal to warrant a decent recommendation. 

Video and Audio:

The 1.78:1 anamorphic video and 5.1 Dolby audio is serviceable and completely forgettable.

Special Features:

Not a damned one.  One could say, this release was stripped of extras.  


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