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Supernatural Activity DVD Review

Written by TGM

DVD released by Well Go USA


Supernatural Activity 01 Supernatural Activity 02


Directed by Derek Lee Nixon
Written by Andrew Pozza
2012, Region 1 (NTSC), 90 mins, Not Rated
DVD released on November 6th, 2012

Andrew Pozza as Damon Dealer 
Liddy Bisanz as Blair Woods 
Joey Oglesby as Pepper 
Donny Boaz as Brock 
Devin Bonnée as Doug 
Philip Marlatt as Tuck Thomas 
Tim Ogletree as Dewey 
Liz Waters as Mitzy


Supernatural Activity 03 Supernatural Activity 04




The sub-genre known as horror-comedy can be a fickle bitch.   When done right, as in Evil Dead 2, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, or Shaun of the Dead, it can be epic.  When done poorly, like most every other time, it fails miserably, either by not being funny enough to stand on its own as a comedy or not being scary enough to feed the hunger of traditional horror film fans. 

The only genre that is potentially more tired than that of inane over-the-top slapstick horror-comedy (Scary Movie 1 through 17 made sure of that) would be those of the “found footage” variety.   Fuck, can’t anyone hold on to their goddamned camera anymore?   With that said, the combination of these two overplayed genres culminates in the lackluster Supernatural Activity, which parodies movies such as The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, and the myriad of night-vision-goggled ghost hunting shows on cable TV.


Supernatural Activity 05 Supernatural Activity 06

Supernatural Activity 07 Supernatural Activity 08

Enter Damon Dealer, the self proclaimed world’s greatest illusionist (think Chris Angel’s douchier, younger brother). He and a ragtag group of paranormal investigators (think Ghosthunters, staffed by rednecks, ditzy sluts, and clueless male models) set off to investigate the legend of Smallsquatch, a monstrous entity that kills by tickling to death.  During the investigation they ultimately stumble upon a young girl who is possessed by a demon. Yeah, it’s about as good as it sounds.                 

That’s not to say that Supernatural Activity is completely bereft of humorous moments.  It actually has quite a few decent things going for it. There are a couple of throw-away lines that will occasionally make you laugh out loud (a certain joke about Michael J. Fox comes to mind).  The acting and production values are much better than they should be.  The lead, Andrew Pozza, with a head shaped like a box of bran flakes and a chin that would rival Bruce Campbell’s, is charismatic and does his best to sell the trite dialogue.  Although considering he wrote the screenplay, he’s kind of obligated to do so. 

It’s not saying much to proclaim that I enjoyed this more than most of the Scary Movie movies, because the majority of those were complete shite.  Supernatural Activity is a notch smarter than that… albeit barely.  It’s quite evident that the creative staff behind it cares deeply and gave their all to try and make it work.  I’m convinced that if Mr. Pozza parodied a genre that wasn’t so creatively exhausted that he has it in him to write a truly hilarious movie. Unfortunately this one isn’t it.


Supernatural Activity 09 Supernatural Activity 10


Video and Audio:


There is nothing remarkable or particularly egregious with the audio and video for this release.


Supernatural Activity 11 Supernatural Activity 12


Special Features:


There is an unfortunate lack of special features on this release.  I would bet that a behind-the-scenes featurette would have been funnier than the film itself.


Supernatural Activity 13 Supernatural Activity 14




Movie: Twostars Supernatural Activity Dvd Amazon Us
Video: Threestars
Audio: Twoandahalfstars
Features: Turd
Overall: Twostars












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