Sweet Hollow Movie Review

Written by Steven Wood

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Written and directed by Sean Lee
2015, 10 minutes, Not Rated

Alice Kremelberg as Emily
Ryan Vigilant as James
Sean Patrick Folster as Officer Carl Abbot



Emily is on the way to visit her sister, Allison, when she is signaled to pull over by James, honking intently behind her. The road she travels is named Sweet Hollow, and presumably haunted by two different ghosts; a teenaged girl who was murdered on prom night by her date, and a murdered police officer that still has the tendency to pull people over.

I understand James is a concerned motorist who wants to help Allison, but I have a hard time believing that on a dark and creepy road a lone girl would willingly pull over and give him the time of day. When his nefarious motives come to light, you can’t help but say, “Well, shouldn’t have pulled over,” to yourself. Though there is a fair share of oblivious people in the world, Allison is high up on that list.


But the real problem with Sweet Hollow is the sheer amount of plot being thrown into something that only runs a measly 10 minutes. A creepy guy with bad intentions pulling over an unsuspecting motorist would have sufficed; or maybe cut out the ghost cop, because all he does is create a false sense of security for Allison near the end.

One nice surprise is the nice little twist during the last couple of minutes that I didn’t realize until I watched it a second time, so that’s always a good thing. But that isn’t enough to save this short film.

Emily (Alice Kremelberg) is strong from beginning to end, but it’s the oddly dubbed dialogue spilling from James’ (Ryan Vigilant) mouth that stands out like a sore thumb.

If you’re a short aficionado, or an aficionado of short films, I guess you can add this to your list?



Movie: 1 Star Rating Cover

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