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Tales From Six Feet Under Main

Tales From Six Feet Under Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by NMJ Films


Written and directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs
2020, 45 minutes, Rated TBA
Released on 15th April 2020

Nicholas Michael Jacobs as The Visitor
Alexis Beacher as Jennifer Burton
Gianna Jacobs as The Silhouette Demon
Brian Jacobs as Joe Roth


A teenage boy finds his dad's Ouija board in the basement. An aspiring filmmaker attempts to make a one-man horror movie. A girl swaps text messages with a mystery man on her birthday. It's not a spoiler to say that they all meet a horrible end – the first time we meet any of them is as headstones, with The Visitor (writer and director Nicholas Michael Jacobs) paying his respects over their graves.

tales from six feet under 01 tales from six feet under 02

Like Jacobs' previous work, Tales From Six Feet Under is as indie as indie cinema gets. However, unlike Night (his dour, unpleasant but ambitious kidnapping movie) this one isn't afraid to get silly. As the title suggests, it's inspired in part by Tales From the Crypt-esque portmanteaus of the past. Jacobs doesn't have the budget to get crazy, but he does do very well with what he has to hand, and keeps the stories so short that none of it outstays its welcome. The whole thing clocks in at a meagre 45 minutes, making for easy, bite-sized viewing.

tales from six feet under 03 tales from six feet under 04

The acting, as one might expect from such super-indie filmmaking, is generally amateurish, not helped by the faintly ridiculous writing. People speak and text in a manner people rarely do in real life (there's a pretty egregious grammatical error in a government alert), and all of the stories bar one end in the same manner. Still, it's worth it for the mid segment alone, in which a young filmmaker brainstorms ideas for his one-man horror film, jumping from giallo slasher flick to demonic puppet story. Not all of the laughs accrued here are intentional, but they're not all at the film's expense either. Jacobs shows a good handle on tone, and his ideas sparkle with wit.

tales from six feet under 05 tales from six feet under 06

As low-rent horror films go, Tales From Six Feet Under is easier to watch than most. It looks crisp and clean – presented entirely in black and white – and it's even pretty funny at times. This will do little to win over those who need some sheen with their scares, but this is a cut above most films of its bracket. It'd be intriguing to see what Jacobs could do with a real budget.

There are certainly worse ways to kill 45 minutes of one's time.


Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover
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