Teleios Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

Released by Thousand Mile Media

Written and directed Ian Truitner
2017, 89 minutes, Not Rated
LA premiere at Shriekfest Film Festival on October 7th, 2017

Sunny Mabrey as Iris Duncan
Lance Broadway as Commander Linden
T.J. Hoban as Chris Zimmer
Christian Pitre as Emma Anderson
Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Doctor Orson



The USS Teleios has a critical mission: retrieve the cargo of a damaged vessel to bring back to Earth. And fast. The depleting environmental resources have ravaged the world and the cargo is necessary to save the human race from extinction. To that end, the Teleios is populated by superhumans, or GCs, whose stamina and temperament can survive the deep space voyage. But when they find the cargo ship with a lone survivor, the story they were fed now doesn't add up. And this mission may be one that even a GC can't survive.


They really did the best they could with an epic sci-fi venture on a budget. Beautiful sets, designs, I even like those boxy costumes since they seem functional instead of hyper stylish. And that writer/director Ian Truitner was able to get a complex, intricate space tale made is an accomplishment in its own right.



Unfortunately, the cheesy delivery of the dialogue and overly convoluted resolution don't let this movie off with a pass. The fitness models and aestheticians cast for the Teleios' crew are lovely to look at, but wooden delivery doesn't engender sympathy for the plight of genetically engineered humans. The excuse is given that GCs do not give into baser instincts like rage or lust, but even as their perfect veneer dissolves in crisis, there's no improvement in performance. Sunny Mabrey does her best as the lead, but her story arc doesn't offer much in the ways of growth.

The plot goes off the rails, which doesn't help things. While their original objective is clear, so many complications arise that keep changing, eventually there's no point in following the theme because it's just going to change. When it’s time for resolution, yet another complication is shoehorned in and it's impossible to care anymore.

Teleios would have benefitted from a less wide-ranging story; a less “perfect” crew, and less Star Trek and more Event Horizon set dressing. It just tries a little too hard with limited resources; reaches a little too far. Teleios just can’t quite make it there.



Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover

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