That's A Wrap Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by Quiver Entertainment


Directed by Marcel Waltz
Written by Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas
2023, 94 minutes, Not Yet Rated
FrightFest Premiere on 25th August 2023

Cerina Vincent as Alexis
Monique Parent as Lily
Sarah French as Harper
Gigi Austin as Amber


Cult schlocker Marcel Waltz returns to the slasher circuit with this glamorous stalk-and-stab, set at the wrap party of a low-budget horror film. Well, they do say you should write (or in this case, direct) what you know, and who knows low-budget horror better than the director of BlindPretty Boy and the Blood Feast remake?

Having finished production on his latest, horror director Mason Maestro (Robert Donovan) celebrates a job well done with his cast and crew. But there's a real-life killer on the loose, and they're dressed up like The Mistress; the killer from Mason's movie. As the cast is picked off, one by one, embattled Harper (Sarah French of Pretty Boy and Blind) fights for her own survival.

thats a wrap 01 thats a wrap 02

Waltz's own slasher influences come through thick and clear in this glitzy comedy-horror. It's hard to ignore the Scream vibes as a masked killer stalks around a film studio dressed like that film's own villain. Unfortunately, it's more Scream 3 than any of the others, but that speaks more to my own distaste in Hollywood-set horror films than anything else. Beyond that, Waltz's love of giallo rings through in the dialogue (including a scene in which one character literally stops to explain what giallo is) and well-executed kill sequences. It's admirably mean-spirited stuff, both in dialogue and violence.

thats a wrap 03 thats a wrap 04

As with the director's previous work, budget tends to outstrip imagination in places, and there's a discrepancy between the glitzy set dressing and less-than-inspiring cinematography. While Donovan, French and Parent give entertaining performances, the side is let down somewhat by some of the more wooden supporting cast.

thats a wrap 05 thats a wrap 06

Regardless of any bumps in the road, Waltz's passion for the genre shines through, all the way up its last-act reveals and violent plot twists. A gruesome take on the modern giallo, That's A Wrap is another entertaining entry from one of horror cinema's most enthusiastic, personable voices.


Movie: 3 Star Rating Cover

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