The ABCs of Death 2 Movie Review

Written by Simret Cheema-Innis aka Wickergirl

Released by Monster Pictures UK


Directed by Various
Written by Various
2014, 125 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
Released on 30th March 2015

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Yet again the alphabet takes on a new perspective with The ABC's of Death 2, where 26 films, each named after a letter in the alphabet, set a wicked agenda to shock horror thirsty audiences. You can expect some comedy too, although it will be nothing short of the grotesque and quite simply, evil. In the first ABC's film, some of you may remember films from notable directors such as Jake West, Ben Wheatley and Yoshihiro Nishimura, to name a few. This year is also full of treats and other stars and directors you'll recognise. With two hours of Grand Guignol horror there are favourites that tickle a gruelling fantasy or two.

Deloused by Robert Morgan is a freakish unsettling animation about a creature bought back to life by a parasitic malformation which is then destroyed again. While the narrative is open to interpretation, it gives a sense of what reincarnation must be like for the non-human. Or perhaps it paints a picture of life as lice. Either way it's creatively gross, innovative and beautiful at the same time.

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Jim Hosking puts the G in Granddad, a weird and disturbing tale of a grandfather's retribution over his ungrateful grandson. There is however a little twist at the end, and although the characters and acting are laughable, it proves to be incestuously creepy.

Animation is popular again, with kitsch short Head Games by Bill Plympton, a sketch about a man and a woman expressing their love for one another. It's unfortunately short lived as they end up in a quarrel and ectoplasms of deadly emotion pull them apart. That's love for you.

J is for Jesus a film by Brazilian Director Dennison Ramalho is a chilling tale about a father who kidnaps his gay son and tries to exorcise the demons out of him. But how can they exorcise Jesus? It's a thought-provoking story which shows the persecutors as demons and the captor as the Saviour.

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Questionnaire by Rodney Ascher is a commercially viable short, a story of which could be adapted for a TV series. It's also a warning. Don't ever trust companies that only require a minute of your time. There's always a catch.

The Soska Sisters prove yet again that they're the princesses of horror with Torture Porn. A simple, yet macabre and truly twisted tale where the men get what they deserve. Oh hail those twins, they really know their horror, gore and have a knack for making the visceral a work of art.

Utopia, directed by Vincenzo Natali, is another film that reflects a more mainstream format. It's a simple story, yet has high production value with impressive VFX. It's The Stepford Wives–cum–iRobot and any other robot movies you may have seen.

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It's true old people are living longer and inheritance isn't necessarily inevitable with Legacy, a morbid short by Lancelot Imasuen about a family trying to kill their mother so they gain access to their heirlooms. Think again before trying to kill your elders. They might not budge as easily as you'd hoped.

Vacation by Jerome Sable is a perfect example of a boys holiday gone wrong where a terrifyingly messed up situation results in a grave ending. It's raw, in your face and a brilliant expose of the real horror which lies within human nature.

Youth, by Japanese director Soichi Umezawa, can almost be seen as an homage to Jan Svankmajer with surrealist and grotesque animation about a girl who conjures revenge fantasies against her abusive family. But through its crude tone and shocking imagery, comes a story about abuse and self-worth.

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The end of the alphabet is an unsettling and gruesome one with Zygote by Chris Nash. After a husband leaves his pregnant wife, she struggles for thirteen years and fights against giving birth. Finally she has to let her thirteen-year-old daughter free, but there are consequences. This is an original sinister story, perhaps exploring themes of the Medea and Parental Alienation Syndrome. The VFX and prosthetic design is visceral, even your vomit wouldn't measure to the foulness that awaits in this film.

The ABC's of Death 2 will please its fans, it delivers a showcase of films by talented and dedicated filmmakers of the horror genre and although some of them are questionable with bad acting, weak dialogue and unimaginative narratives, there are many that will satisfy horror fans across the board. Be sure to watch it all the way until the end as Human Centipede 2 actor Laurence R.Harvey makes a surprise appearance. It should be under W for...


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