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Directed by Brian Enk
Written by Jessi Gotta
2011, 78 minutes, Not Rated

Jessi Gotta as Frankie Ducane 
Jessica Savage as Molly 
Timothy McCown Reynolds as Fenton Bailey 
Patrick Shearer as Carter Petch 
Alan Rowe Kelly as Annabelle





Let’s face it, there are not a lot of good werewolf movies.   Outside of American Werewolf in London, Dog Soldiers, and Ginger Snaps, the majority of others are arguably misguided failures that continually reinforce the fact that werewolves are the red-headed hairy-backed step-children to vampires, ghosts, and zombies.


With that said, The Big Bad is an ambitiously murky conglomeration of the Little Red Riding Hood mythos, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a bad acid trip.   If David Lynch, Joss Whedon, and David Cronenberg sat naked in a hookah hut smoking reefer together, you’d likely be privy to some semblance of The Big Bad’s first draft.  Now, I don’t want to give the impression that this film is inaccessible to a mainstream audience.  It certainly is, but it will take a little investment and some patience to finally get you there.


It’s difficult to talk about The Big Bad without giving away plot points better left unearthed, so lets just say it’s the tale of Frankie Ducane (Jessi Gotta) who goes looking for answers surrounding the violent demise of her family.  Along the way she meets a gaggle of seedy bar patrons, a dungeon dwelling ocularly obsessed villainess, and a werewolf with whom she might identify with more than she’d like to admit.



It should be noted that newcomer Jessi Gotta absolutely kills it in this movie.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that she wrote the damn thing, so Gotta clearly has an understanding behind the motivations of these characters.  It’s evident from the get-go that she’s completely committed to this production and in turn it’s impossible not to get swept up in that type of dedication.


We usually don’t discuss the aesthetics of a film when reviewing a screener, but I would be remiss in neglecting to comment on the unfortunate decision to shoot the entire movie through a pair of foggy goggles. I understand the desire to convey some sort of gloomy dream state, but for the most part it’s annoyingly distracting.  The only thing less obvious would have been a CNN-style ticker across the bottom of the screen that habitually scrawled “GLOOMY DREAM STATE… GLOOMY DREAM STATE”.


I liked this movie more than I should have, primarily on the strength of the charismatic female lead. Be forewarned, as previously alluded to, The Big Bad will test your patience during its slow paced first half, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded by a unique and entertaining spin on an otherwise disappointing genre.



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