The Cloth Movie Review

Written by Simon Bland

DVD released by Metrodome

Written and Directed by Justin Price
2013, 96 minutes, Rated 15
DVD released on 3rd March 2014

Danny Trejo as Father Connely
Eric Roberts as Father Tollman
Lassiter Holmes as Father Diekman
Kyler Willet as Jason
Rachele Brooke Smith as Julia
Robert Miano as Lewis



It’s not a crime for a horror movie to have high aspirations, but it is painfully obvious when a film’s modest budget can’t quite keep up with its sky high goals. Dogmatic action thriller The Cloth locks and loads its crucifix-shaped weaponry and shoots for the stars, and while its dedication to high concept movie making is undeniably admirable, its dodgy CGI demons (literally, in this case) leave it struggling to escape movie hell. One look at its poster campaign and you’d be forgiven for thinking The Cloth is a possession horror similar in ilk to the recent Eli Roth produced two-parter The Last Exorcism. However, don’t be fooled by the bendy creature on the one sheets, this demonic actioner would be much more at home sat somewhere between The Exorcist and Blade on your DVD shelf.

the-cloth-01 the-cloth-01

For his third feature director Justin Price gives us an access all areas pass to the secret lives of a group of priests who specialise in ridding the world of demonic possession. During a very brief Danny Trejo fronted intro we quickly learn that this is no easy task and as such an extensive array of biblical weaponry is involved to destroy the Devil’s tenacious minions. Wielding the majority of these Godly guns is the atheist rookie Jason, played by newcomer Kyler Willet (think a direct to DVD Ryan Reynolds). He’s the new recruit who must work alongside seasoned vet Father Deikman (Lassiter Holmes) to prevent the baddest of big bad baddies (the Devil, duh) from taking over the world and destroying the world as we know it. Who said church was boring?

the-cloth-01 the-cloth-01

As far as story goes, that’s all you really need to know. The Cloth plays out rather like a graphic novel adaptation, with its ambitious plot and numerous action sequences; it sort of resembles a darker version of this year’s divisive ghostie blockbuster R.I.P.D. However, with no comic book source to fall back on its stilted dialogue and other shortcomings become all the more noticable with the main culprit being shoddy FX. The rise in cheaply produced animated shots has helped out a genre of movies that at one time were dominated by a few cheap models or a monster suit. That said, just because it’s available doesn’t always mean it should be used or depended on. The end result involves plenty of gratuitous slow-mo kill shots and some shoehorned-in cameos (Trejo, The Dark Knight’s Eric Roberts) as this demon buster duo go to hell and back in an attempt to save our souls. Still, in an age of safety net remakes and Harry Potter wannabes you have to admire Price’s ability to dream big.


the-cloth-01 the-cloth-01

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