The Curse of Wolf Mountain Movie Review

Written by Zach Rosenberg

Released by Uncork'd Entertainment

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Directed by David Lipper
Written by Keli Price
2022, 94 minutes, Not Rated
Released on May 9th, 2023

Keli Price as AJ
David Lipper as Max
Karissa Lee Staples as Samantha

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For years, slasher films have built themselves up on a formula. Victims head to a remote location and people begin dying as a result. The killer may be human or supernatural, but what matters is the quality of the kills and the characters. The Curse of Wolf Mountain adheres to the slasher formula, but perhaps too much.

AJ is a happily married young man but tormented by dreams of his parents’ horrible deaths. Deciding to confront the past, AJ returns to the place that bears the worst memories of his life with family and friends to assist him. But they are soon stalked by a mysterious figure that may be a creature of legend.

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The Curse of Wolf Mountain is a demonstration of passion clashing against limitations. The film’s not bad, but is occasionally hampered by obvious camera editing and less-than-convincing special effects. The acting is mostly rather dry as well, save for veteran mainstays Tobin Bell and Danny Trejo, who each show up in side roles and do their best with the material.

On the positive side, the kills are quite fun. There’s a charm to the low-budget costume of the “monster” of Wolf Mountain, and AJ’s emotional arc makes for a gripping enough watch. The characters break the mold of traditional slasher stereotypes and the story has several twists to keep it compelling.

The Curse of Wolf Mountain is a decent effort in the slasher canon.

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Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover

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