The Dark Side of Love (aka Fotografando Patrizia) Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

DVD released by One 7 Movies

Directed by Salvatore Samperi
Written by Salvatore Samperi, Riccardo Ghionem, and Edith Bruck
1985, 93 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on September 11th, 2012

Monica Guerritore as Patrizia
Lorenzo Lena as Emilio


I can't believe I'm reviewing this movie. Ugh.

Okay, so this movie is supposedly about a business woman named Patrizia who comes home to take care of her brother Emilio after their invalid nanny dies. Emilio suffers from some unnamed ailment which required him to wear a neck and back brace as a child, molding him into an alienated and isolated young adult. Patrizia seems to suffer from an affliction where she must only wear clothes through which I can see her underwear and/or nipples.

As expected, this family has some serious issues. When she was 15, Patrizia was molested by a stranger in a movie theater while her father sat next to her, holding her baby brother. She now associates that terrifying excitement with the brother so many years her junior. The trouble is compounded when Emilio's young libido reciprocates the affection. Again, ugh.

Even if I didn't have issues with the lack of chemistry between the actors, the stilted English dubbing, the ridiculously inappropriate music, and the boring cinematography, there's a huge problem with how this movie handles a very delicate subject. It can't make up its own mind whether this love is romantic or disturbing; the tone oscillates between a desperate love and sexy fling, unsure of whether it wants to say incest is horrible or hot.

Um, here's a tip: it's horrible. Always. Even if you have a teenage brother who manages to hold off being annoying as shit for five minutes, he's still your brother. And setting up a construct where no form of retribution for the siblings' actions, or at the very least reconciliation with what they've done says that the writer and director are suggesting it's not wrong.

There is nothing right about this movie. Skip it and re-watch The Tall Man. I'm going to go bleach my brain.

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