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The Disco Exorcist DVD Review

Written by Joel Harley

DVD released by Monster Pictures

Directed by Richard Griffin
Written by Ted Geoghegan and Tony Nunes 
2011, Region 2 (PAL), 82 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 14 October 2013

Michael Reed as Rex Romanski
Sarah Nicklin as Amoreena Jones
Ruth Sullivan as Rita Marie
David Adams Murphy as Dancin' Fool
Alex Aponte as Vargas
Brandon Luis Aponte as Manuel



“I don't know what a disco exorcist is,” I said, upon discovering the existence of this intriguingly titled horror film called The Disco Exorcist, “but I need to see it.” How wrong I was. Saturday Night Fever meets - well, not The Exorcist - softcore pornography and tame witchcraft horror in The Disco Exorcist, a film sorely lacking its exorcist. And, oddly, disco.

the-disco-exorcist-06 the-disco-exorcist-05

When suave, tiresome womaniser Rex Romanski (Romance-ski, geddit) humps and dumps witch Rita Marie, he can be sure that she won't take his rebuttal lying down. In the firing line is Rex's current squeeze, porn actress Amoreena. As Rita calls upon the black arts to unleash vicious vengeance upon her lover, our wannabe Disco Stu must attempt to save the day. Can Rex stop his ex before it's too late? What follows is like the plot of My Super Ex Girlfriend except with witchcraft, gore and a disappointing lack of sharks or exorcism. In its foray into the world of adult filmmaking, it even resembles Boogie Nights more than it does a film about demons or exorcism.

the-disco-exorcist-03 the-disco-exorcist-04

What it does have is its amateurism, bad acting and meandering plot that can all be excused because “hey, it's an exploitation film – it's supposed to be like that.” Part of a slew of films which seems to believe that it can excuse laziness with a catch-all 'Grindhouse' label (rapidly catching up to found footage and no-budget zombie features as a subgenre I dread seeing more of) The Disco Exorcist coasts on its extended scenes of filler and unexciting sex sequences. Following its spoof pornography sequence, I could quite happily go without ever hearing the phrase “disco balls” ever again. Ha, yes, we get it, balls.

the-disco-exorcist-01 the-disco-exorcist-02

The dodgy production values carries carry through to the acting, which is amateurish at best. Michael Reed tries hard as Romanski, but his character is too unlikeable and (un?)interesting for him to make much of an impact. He does sort of resemble Tom Hiddleston's Loki if you squint hard enough, though. The writing, however bad, does occasionally yield such gems as “she is not your foxy lady any more.” For that, I nearly forgave The Disco Exorcist all of its sins. There's actually some good stuff towards the end, too, including a head explosion, actual exorcism (it only took them eighty minutes to get there) and Carrie-style scenes of carnage. Collectors and enthusiasts of cult oddities should find something to enjoy in the film, while everyone else will likely be baffled by its lack of direction, deathly pace and shoddy visuals. It does end with a cheap sex gag though, so there is that.

Cheap, lazy and far too dull, The Disco Exorcist is a waste of a great title. It's not entirely terrible, but nor is it good enough to warrant losing the 84 minutes it takes to watch the thing. There's not really enough disco and nowhere near enough exorcist. Ultimately, it's a load of disco balls.

Video and Audio:

It looks awful, but that's the point. The disco music sounds groovy enough, but the film's rip-off version of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells just comes across as obnoxious.

Special Features:

A commentary, trailers and a pointless deleted scene. There are boobs in it though.


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