The Entity (La Entidad) Movie Review

Written by Hamzah Sarwar

Released by Matchbox Films

Directed by Eduardo Schuldt
Written by Eduardo Schuldt and Sandro Ventura
2015, 80 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 12th October 2015

Rodrigo Falla as Joshua
Daniella Mendoza as Carla
Carlos Casella as Lucas
Mario Gaviria as Benjamín
Analú Polanco as Isabel

the entity dvd


Last year's mind-boggling Venezuelan Frightfest entry The House at the End of Time shone a flashing light on the burgeoning South American genre circuit. Hidalgo's innovative film reminded genre audiences of the wealth of horror talent emanating from the Latin Americas. So when Eduardo Schuldt's Peruvian found footage chiller The Entity was announced along with Valentin Javier Diment's Argentinian oddity The Rotten Link it got the pulse well and truly racing.

the entity la entidad 01 the entity la entidad 02

Eduardo Schuldt's intense peregrination through the 'dark web' takes the emerging cyber-horror genre strand and spins a horrific tale. When a video is uploaded to the internet of a sinister creature, it sparks a mass frenzy online as hundreds of users begin posting their own encounters with the unknown mythical being. A group of student documentary makers set out on a challenge of capturing a series of reaction videos on how people respond to the horrors on screen. It's a strangely sadistic form of Gogglebox that leads to the startling discovery that a group of friends exposed to the video have mysteriously died. The discovery sparks a frenzy; is there a demonic curse placed on those who watch the footage? Shades of Hideo Nakata's The Ring and David Robert Mitchell's sublime It Follows merge to form a portrait of unsettling horror.

the entity la entidad 03 the entity la entidad 04

The friends are accompanied by the brother of the deceased who looks to aid in their murder investigation.The moonlit gothic setting of a cathedral by the cemetery is innately creepy, few would aimlessly wander into the cellar of the desolate place of worship without damn good reason. But typically falling into a trap of found footage, the camera rolls as the filmmakers’ curiosity leads them to discovering a tape of torture. The use of film and reactions to disturbing stimuli is at the heart of the entity, the seemingly impromptu realisation of the ancient Quechan language being used add to the demonic undertone which becomes more pronounced in the frenzied climax.

The twist finale surprises and extends the mythos of the creature to new levels. The Entity rises above many Hollywood found footage flops such as Devil's Due and recent Paranormal Activity iterations but can't reach the heights of the blueprint Blair Witch Project. Schuldt has created a low budget scarefest with a reasonably terrifying outcome.


Movie: 3 Star Rating the entity dvd small
the entity dvd small

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