The Evil In Us Movie Review

Written by Simret Cheema-Innis

Released by Sandcastle Pictures

Written and directed by Jason William Lee
2016, 90 minutes, Not yet rated
Frightfest UK premiere on 29th August 2016

David Aboussafy as Dr. James Elder
Chris Allen as Jim O'Malley
Darren Andrichuk as Terry Higgins
Dayah Brar as Madison
Marko Buljan as Mike Dern
Kylee Bush as Trish Walker

the evil in us poster


It’s the 4th of July, ample opportunity for the average young American to venture out into the forest and kick back 'Cabin in the Woods' style to celebrate. And in this case a group of horny friends reunite after a long time bringing with them new boyfriends, girlfriends and the melodrama that goes with being young, free and... dumb.

When Steve’s girlfriend Brie spots his pal John talking to himself, she becomes concerned for him and asks the others if he’s okay, to which everyone shrugs their shoulders eager to get on with the party. But tensions reach boiling point when the recreational drug use begins and the youngsters argue leading to John overreacting and storming off.

They all continue to clash after further drug intake, and with each of them becoming increasingly over sensitive, the arguments become more explosive with everyone unable to see reason through the haze of serious intoxication.

the evil in us 01

Soon the friends begin to viciously attack each other, their madness is infectious as they gnaw at each other like bloodthirsty cannibals and turkey is no longer the 4th July meal they might have looked forward to.

The Evil in Us has some entertaining twists and clever foreshadowing which comes together nicely by the end. The acting, however, feels inconsistent, characters are two dimensional with some overacting that makes their performances seem primal and staged. The actors certainly have the skill and are a colourful cast, but it feels as if they were directed by someone who was perhaps out of touch with this generation.

Unfortunately, the black stereotype still remains, which is a shame because horror cinema has evolved. Character John has immense issues to begin with, not only is he mentally challenged, he has a criminal background and is an immediate threat to his girlfriend thus victimising her and others from the start. By the time the real culprit has been revealed, the blame and prejudice have already been served.

the evil in us 02

Race aside, the man-made bio-active drug angle isn't too far off from the truth, contaminated drugs has been an issue for the last 50 years, why not go that step further... could you imagine Trump getting wind of such a policy?

If you’re to see this movie the gore is impressive especially with the characters tearing fleshy chunks and gristle out of each other, but then again it was probably a good excuse to deal with any differences they had in the first place.


Movie: 3 Star Rating the evil in us small

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Simret Cheema-Innis
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