The Final Project Movie Review

Written by Steven Wood

Released by Cavu Pictures


Directed by Taylor Ri'chard
Written by Zachary Davis and Taylor Ri'chard
2016, 82 minutes, Not Rated
Theatrically released on February 12th, 2016 (Atlanta and Houston) | February 19th (Broussard, Lousiana) | March 4th (New York and Los Angeles)

Amber Erwin as Misty Gilroy
Arin Jones as Genevieve Richard
Teal Haddock as Anna Davenport
Evan Mclean as Ky Brooks
Leonardo Santaiti as Jonah Girard
Sergia Suave as Gavin Charles



A group of students set out to explore an abandoned haunted plantation, but end up getting blah, blah, blah.

Meander (mēˈandər/)

verb – To proceed by or take a winding or indirect course.

The review could end right there, but for the sake of word count I must continue.

You can fast forward through the first 40 minutes of The Final Project, period. Nothing interesting, funny or otherwise, happens during this time. Nor does the plot advance through dialogue. All you need to know is that this plantation is haunted, and this group of kids wants to investigate overnight and record their findings.

When our group of archetypal characters reaches the outskirts of the plantation, there is a bit of creepiness that takes place, and my hopes were high for the remainder of the film. But as with most found footage (FF from here on), especially ghost related, the plot gets either too complex or is simplified to the point of being uninteresting. In this case we have too complex, and frankly doesn’t make any sense.


There is a girl who haunts the plantation, which is fine, but does she also haunt the property surrounding the house itself? The specific question isn’t answered, but what happens on screen would lead you to believe that yes, she wanders the wooded area and kills people trespassing. Who she is really isn’t explained, and that’s a huge problem when The Final Project is over because it will leave you wondering how a specific thing happens if only a simple ghost was haunting the house. I could expand, but I’d be getting into spoiler territory if I do.

In terms of the cast, no one stands out, at least not for any good reasons. They’re the same recycled characters seen in every single FF movie out there. Scares? Some, but the “peaking the mic” every five minutes gets old, really quick. I found myself turning up the volume to hear dialogue, then getting blasted back in my seat because of the phony jump scares.

I would speak more on the ending, but I don’t want to spoil things. Let me just say that it is confusing to say the least; and instead of leaving you to wonder what happens next, you’ll find yourself wondering what just happened.



Movie: 0.5 Star Rating Cover

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