The Mirror Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

DVD released by Matchbox Films


Written and directed by Edward Boase
2014, 83 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on September 8th, 2014 


Jemma Dallender as Jemma
Joshua Dickinson as Matt
Nate Fallows as Steve



A few years back, a story went round the internet about a haunted mirror that was listed on eBay. The entry on the site detailed all the strange and awful things that had happened since the owner had purchased the mirror and it seemed clear to them this item brought with it bad things. The listing, though most likely 100% false, was utterly chilling to read, a true modern day ghost story and it is definitely worth finding on the web to have a read. Looking at the synopsis of The Mirror it’s clear this was the inspiration for the movie and why not, it’s a great concept, but can a film interpret the eerie simplicity that the original listing did?

the-mirror-01 the-mirror-02

The Mirror follows three flatmates who intentionally buy a haunted mirror they see listed on eBay because they want to record and document any hauntings they experience in order to win a million pound prize. When things do start to happen in the house it focuses on one person in particular, Matt (Joshua Dickinson). The film follows his descent into a world his friends can’t save him from.

the-mirror-03 the-mirror-04

This small budget film is a bit of a mixed bag, the story is intriguing and the low budget does not hinder the effects, which although simple are effective. However, it’s found footage which normally would be the best format for a story like this, but as nothing really happens while they’re filming (which is another massive let down) that becomes irrelevant. This is the kind of movie where you want to see weird stuff happening, what is delivered is a lot of nothing. Also, the inexperienced cast lets down any potential the story has. The film feels like a lot of improvisation between the characters was used and unfortunately instead of getting spontaneous, funny and chilling, it becomes wooden and clunky.

the-mirror-05 the-mirror-06

Found footage films always stretch the imagination, but it’s hard to believe that when things go bad in here, these housemates don’t do more to get out of their situation. For example, if you go blind it’s probably best not to ignore it, right? But that’s exactly what happens in The Mirror and it’s frustrating enough that you will soon lose faith in whatever this film had to offer.

There are some genuinely creepy moments towards the end as Matt spirals out of control, and the effects are suitably gory, but it’s not enough to save this sad film which genuinely had the potential to do something really creepy. My advice? Look up the original listing, turn out the lights and be prepared to freak yourself out because that's what we want after all, right?


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