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2016 09 22 The Monster

The Monster Short Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

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Written and directed by Bob Pipe
2016, 16 minutes, Not Rated

Richard Glover as The Monster
Helen George as Madeline
Simon Cotton as Steve
Matt Slack as Rolla
Andrew Mudie as Eddie
Tom Turner as Ian

the monster poster


Imagine if the Universal Monsters weren’t fiction, but real and walking among us. That’s the premise of The Monster (aptly titled huh), where all the monsters in movies you saw growing up were just playing themselves. We follow The Monster, who is on the set of a new horror movie, but his “kind” aren’t treated the same as non-monsters and so as his friendship develops with the lead actress, he faces challenges that push him to the brink.

the monster 01

The Monster is a really fun, unique idea that’s perfectly executed in this short film. What could have been a comedy movie, takes a turn for something more emotionally driven before taking an even darker turn. The performances are fun and light-hearted... until they don’t need to be. Specifically, Richard Glover who invokes the likes of the Phantom and the Hunchback for his really moving performance as The Monster.

the monster 02

There’s some fun gore (The Monster can be stabbed and hit in the head with an axe and won’t die), and a great score of ‘80s synth which juxtaposes the style of the classic monster movies we know, to add a real oddity to what we’re seeing on screen.

The Monster captures the spirit of the Universal and Hammer Horror films and maintains the heart that was always beating at the core of them. This is a must see for those classic horror movie fans.


Movie: 4 Star Rating the monster small

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