The Perfect Husband Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

Released by Artsploitation Films

 the perfect husband poster

Directed by Lucas Pavetto
Written by Lucas Pavetto and Massimo Vavassori
2016, 85 minutes, Not Rated
Blu-ray and DVD released on July 26th, 2016

Gabriella Wright as Viola
Bret Roberts as Nicola
Carl Wharton as Ranger
Tania Bambaci as Doctor


Movies are a fantastic medium that can convey so many different reactions for a wide variety of audiences. Horror in particular is such a rarity due to its ability to combine fear and any other emotion for a unique viewing experience. Comedy and horror, suspense and horror, action and horror; these variations share a common denominator of blood, guts and scares that are sure to satiate even the most stubborn of palates. I tend to gravitate towards suspenseful works. I enjoy a solid, satisfying build up and a climax that would make a porn star jealous. Lucas Pavetto's The Perfect Husband comes painfully close but fails to deliver.

Married couple Viola and Nicola are leaving for a getaway up in the wilderness. What seems like a romantic trip for the two is weighed down by a constant tension of body language and bitter dialogue as they leave their home and head to Nicola's family's remote cabin. Viola's emotions are erratic and Nicola doesn't seem at all surprised by her mood swings. After they arrive at their destination, things take a turn for the strange as Viola disappears on a walk and is then found by a local park ranger. What unfolds next shows the true source of Viola's torment and a twist that shocks the senses.

The Perfect Husband is a strange name for a film that starts with a husband and wife who seemingly dislikes each others' company. It's definitely not an unfamiliar story of a couple that loves one another and is trying to save their relationship after having a traumatic experience. Unfortunately the catalyst for their marital strife is revealed so far into the film that the Nicola and Viola just seem angry and bitter towards one another for no apparent reason. When you find out why the two are so miserable, their attitudes and misery is absolutely warranted. One thing that is lacking for The Perfect Husband is the quality of acting. When characters interact, their reactions are over dramatized and have a soap opera-like feel. This is quite the letdown because the production quality is on point and the cinematography perfectly fits the film's mood. The twist at the conclusion also seems to be an afterthought and added just for a bit of shock value.

Lucas Pavetto's The Perfect Husband looks and feels like it to be a slow burning suspense horror story that includes characters experiencing real life horror. What it lacks is beginning, middle and end that all complement one another. It's disjointed pieces seem like they were built at different stages and added together to hopefully form a flowing story. Compound that with lackluster acting and an ending that has been executed beautifully by other films and the product falls flat well before the credits start rolling.


Movie: 2 Star Rating Cover

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