The Quiet Hour Movie Review

Written by Ali Chappell

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

Written and directed by Stephanie Joalland
2014, 85 minutes, Not Rated
Released on March 21st, 2017

Dakota Blue Richards as Sarah
Karl Davies as Jude
Jack McMullen as Tom
Brigitte Millar as Kathryn


The Quiet Hour is Stephanie Joalland's latest post-apocalyptic film set after an alien invasion. A brother, Tom (Jack McMullen), and a sister, Sarah (Dakota Blue Richards), are holding up in their parent's farmhouse. Tom, as we quickly find out, is blind. Sarah opens the movie by burying a body, which we soon learn is their father and Tom has no idea. The reason this movie is called The Quiet Hour is that because there are only a few hours out of each day where they can go outside without being killed by the aliens. Making everything just that much more isolated.

While Sarah goes out to find food, a soldier, Jude (Karl Davies), breaks into their home and steals what little they have to eat. Luckily Sarah comes back in time to stop him. However, they are not alone. A convoy of five people set up shop in front of the farmhouse and demand they release the soldier and they will leave. A very familiar Purge feel to the whole thing. The soldier reveals he is a journalist and not a soldier and that those people killed his wife and child.

One of the men in the car breaks in and tries to rape Sarah, but Jude takes him down. The woman, Kathryn (Brigitte Millar), in the car makes contact saying if they just give them her husbands body they will leave. They do give them the body, but as it turns out, they don't leave. Instead, they have this less-than-intense showdown in the barn. Where in the end the only ones left are Sarah and Tom and we have come full circle. Snooze.

I will give this movie credit for a very well-shot attempted-rape scene. There is no nudity, just sheer terror. The fact that Tom and Jude are downstairs within shouting distance makes the scene that much more uncomfortable. Thankfully, Jude strangles him before the actual rape can happen. This just proves that you can shoot a rape scene without it being graphic and exposing. It can be subtle and be just as, if not more, scary. I commend them for this.

The Quiet Hour is a slow burn with no real ending. It just stops. It could've gone in so many directions that would've made this plot more enticing. Maybe all die but Tom and he must live his life alone and blind. Maybe the farmhouse burns down and they have to start over. ANYTHING! Even the route they do take is somewhat stagnant when it could've been much more. One thing I really do enjoy about this film is that they never show the aliens. Just their ships. This makes the film rely entirely on the cast and their stories. Not seeing the aliens, you almost forget they are there until they are talked about it or until they send down a beam of light that kills someone.

By the time, you get to the end, you are hoping for some big reveal, some big changing moment but nope. It just ends. They go back to the house and pretend like nothing happened. Just another day in the neighbourhood.


Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover

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