THE [REC] Collection: [REC] 3: Genesis Blu-ray Review

Written by Robert Gold

Blu-ray released by Scream Factory

Directed by Paco Plaza
Written by Paco Plaza and Luis Berdejo
2012, 80 minutes, Rated R

Leticia Dolera as Clara
Diego Martin as Koldo
Ismael Martinez as Rafa
Àlex Monner as Adrián
Emilkio Mencheta as Tio Pepe Victor
Mirela Ros as Menchu
Claire Baschet as Natalie
April Jane Anigga as Wendy
Carla Nieto as Rebeca Viñas


[REC] 3: Genesis leaves the apartment building behind in exchange for a lavish wedding celebration. Koldo and Clara are the happy couple and their special day is beautiful and filled with good cheer. This time the footage comes courtesy of videographers capturing the festivities. The reception is where things really come to life, as the party is indeed epic. A large turnout of family and friends fills the grand ballroom, spilling out onto the grounds of the beautiful venue. Koldo’s uncle begins acting strangely in the wake of a dog bite and soon becomes the center of attention when he begins vomiting blood. Mayhem explodes and the crowd scatters as a wave of infected guests begin attacking. Clara and Koldo are separated and must fight through the danger in order to reunite and start their life together.

Paco Plaza returns to the director’s chair alone for this third installment and ups the scale of the danger with the expanded location. He keeps things moving by splitting our protagonists into multiple groups and setting numerous obstacles for all. Working from a script he co-wrote with Luis Berdejo, Plaza maintains his ability to build suspense from one sequence to the next. What starts as a found-footage presentation is quickly side-stepped and visually becomes a traditional cinematic effort. The first twenty minutes resemble the assembly efforts of the first two films, but then once the plot kicks into high gear, the format changes to a widescreen affair. Pablo Rosso shot all four entries in the franchise and handles the shift in shooting style with ease. His work really shines here as he is able to showcase his talents as a cinematographer.

[REC] 3 expands the story to a new level where there are more participants and more bloodshed. Everything in this tale is larger and the violence is even more over-the-top. This is where things get a little dicey, as it was the intimacy of the location that worked so well in the first two films. By expanding the action to a grander scale, Plaza gives himself a larger playground, but at the expense of the claustrophobic element. The script introduces dark comedy into the formula with mixed results, but never sidetracks the proceedings. Once again, the cast is top notch and maintain a level of believability throughout. Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin are pretty awesome as Clara and Koldo, the doomed couple trying to survive their wedding night, each rising to their particular challenges with ease.

This is an interesting entry in the franchise with its change of setting and shooting style, but is a testament to the filmmaker’s ability to tell a quality story that works within the previously designated rules of the series. The timeline is a little fuzzy as to when exactly this takes place in relation to the apartment building scenario, but the piece works as a self-contained tale. This serves as a moderately entertaining conclusion to the proposed trilogy, but I missed the original plotline that was left open ended. Fortunately, there is one more chapter to go in this set, so let’s hope it’s a good one.




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