The Taint Blu-ray Review

Written by Robert Gold

Blu-ray released by Troma Entertainment

Written and directed by Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc
2010, Region A, 70 minutes, Not Rated
Blu-ray released on March 19th, 2013

Drew Bolduc as Phil O’Ginny & Drew
Colleen Walsh as Misandra
Kenneth Hall as Ludus
Cody Crenshaw as Houdini
Gabriella Herzberg as Sandy


When I was a kid, I remember the place to hear about amazing movies was at school; either on the playground at recess or waiting in line in the cafeteria at lunch. I heard about the raunchiness of Porky’s, the awesomeness of Conan the Barbarian and how scary Halloween II really is. Now, while not every film can live up to the schoolyard reputation there is still the need to see what everyone is talking about and if possible be the first to discover the next great movie. There was always a tendency to exaggerate details and this resulted in disappointment when it was finally my turn to check it out, with the exception being the amazing jets of blood spray in Shogun Assassin that matched every bit of description I was promised!

I like to believe that today’s generation of sixth graders still gossip about amazing things they see in movies. Modern technology has changed the game in ways I could never have imagined, but the basic search for awesomeness in entertainment remains. If there is indeed a group of kids somewhere trading titles on a school bus, then I would like to recommend an excellent naughty adventure called The Taint. Even the title gets a giggle. Seriously, if a kid came up to me and explained the events of this film I would think he must be lying or really exaggerating because there is no way this could be a real movie.

The plot is simple; Phil O’Ginny wakes from a nightmare only to find himself trapped in a situation far more horrific than anything he could imagine on his own. Something has turned all the local men into murdering misogynists walking around with raging boners, intent on crushing women’s skulls with rocks. Phil quickly teams up with Misandra, a shotgun wielding woman who has an abnormally strong ability to defend herself. Together, they search for answers and what they find is so truly disturbing that society may never be the same.

The Taint is a seriously entertaining film that moves at a rapid pace and never apologizes for the barrage of shocking images it throws at audiences. Hidden underneath the vomit, bile and copious buckets of blood and semen is a message movie with a deeper meaning than anything expected from the pictures blasting across the screen. Some audiences have dismissed The Taint as a moronic and juvenile pukefest, but the film is actually a subversive, politically incorrect satire of the genre. This pitch-black comedy revels in the extremes of overstimulation in ways unseen by cinemaniacs in many years and viewers are in for a wild ride if they give it a chance.

Filmmakers Dan Nelson and Drew Bolduc are clever guys with a wicked sense of humor and an impressive level of resourcefulness that should not be overlooked. They have created an over-the-top gross-out comedy that needs to be seen to be believed. With luck this will only be the first of many great stories these guys get to tell and I look forward to their next cinematic adventure.

Video and Audio:

The Taint is presented in its original 1.85:1 aspect ratio and looks pretty decent for a micro-budget horror film. Colors are stable and black levels solid, with natural looking flesh tones and plenty of small item detail.

Troma’s new Blu-ray offers a respectable Dolby Digital 2.0 track. While the mix is not particularly aggressive, it is not entirely passive either. Dialogue is generally clear and free from distortion but the mix focuses on the front channels. English subtitles are provided.

Special Features:

The Taint receives a nice presentation from Troma, starting with a menu design that is maintains the tone of the experience, complete with a series of clips from the movie that play over a loop of awesome music reminiscent of an 8-bit video game.

A pair of commentary tracks with assorted members of the cast and crew are wholly entertaining as the participants drink their way through several production anecdotes. There are a few too many people involved at times and it is occasionally difficult to keep track of who is who, but both are worth a listen.

Next up are a collection of deleted scenes (3 minutes) that were wisely trimmed from the finished film.

There is also a nice behind-the-scenes slideshow of production photographs for your viewing pleasure.

A pair of trailers completes the special features on this disc.

A DVD copy of the film is also provided.


Movie: Grade Cover
Video: Grade
Audio: Grade
Features: Grade
Overall: Grade



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