The Unbroken Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

DVD released by Inception Media Group


Directed by Jason Murphy
Written by Anthony Steven Giordano
2012, 100 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on June 11th, 2013

Aurelia Riley as Sarah Campbell
Patrick Flanagan as Tommy
Daniel Baldwin as Bruce Middlebrooks
Warwick Davis as Psychic




Sarah Campbell got the short end of the stick. Her philandering husband has divorced her for the teenager he impregnated, her artwork isn’t selling well, and she had to give up the house to move into an apartment complex housing the least of all Baldwin brothers. But luckily there is a college-aged goofball obsessed with her to make Nancy Drew feel pretty again while she gathers her pluck to solve the Case of the Ghost Kid with the Creepy Clown Doll. This is a mom movie if ever I saw one.

The Unbroken is a pretty straight forward and generic low-budget horror movie. Most of the action takes place in a Florida apartment community reminiscent of Melrose Place, excepting a few side trips to Warwick Davis’ psychic shop. Aurelia Riley does a fine job as Sarah, eager to move on with her life, be it via telling off her husband or getting the ghost of a battered little boy to pass over to the other side, but her efforts to make the material significant seem strained.



Patrick Flanagan is adorable as the awkward and lonely Tommy. I’m just not quite sure why he is so taken with a women who spurns him so frequently. He’s a good-looking guy and even if he works for his aunt in a community full of hermits and retirees, he could probably find a girlfriend anywhere rather than chasing Sarah like a lonely puppy. Daniel Baldwin relishes playing the mysterious Mr. Middlebrooks. No one has ever eaten a muffin so threateningly. Unfortunately his enjoyment of the “villain” role gives him away too early; I’d have liked to keep guessing if he was guilty or not rather than knowing right off he would be trouble for Sarah and Tommy. His evil deeds, however, do provide a much needed surprise twist for the finale.

In all fairness, limited character development and a simple construct are to be expected from an independent production company seeking a larger studio’s backing. And the makeup effects are good - very nearly great. I can’t criticize it too harshly; it doesn’t make claims to be anything overwhelming. And at least in that sense it doesn’t disappoint (cough*World War Z* cough). Not a bad movie, not a great movie, The Unbroken is a solid, stable story that won’t terrify you but will help pass the time.

And feel free to fight with me about World War Z.


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